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    Let's live our own life with its greatness.

    The biggest foolishness is forgetting to live for ourselves. Is there anyone who lives creatively for ourselves? Either everything will be carefully stored and kept for future generations. Otherwise, their life highly celebrates and passes away from this world without completing their life. There are two dangers in living for other people. The first is that one goes without recognizing the need and enjoyment of one's own life. The second is to make the next generation useless and self-uninspired.

    Paradise cannot be prepared for one person by the other. It is the responsibility of the forerunner to enable the posterity to stand on their feet and find their way. The hunger of the next generation will not go away just because they starve themselves to death. This does not mean that the next generation should not excel academically and professionally. This does not mean that the forerunners should not help the next generation to excel academically and professionally.
    For those who have tried to make their life exciting and great, there will be some natural lessons to pass on to the next generation.
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    I think everybody wants to live his life happily and successfully. Nobody wishes for worries or sorrows or problems - neither for himself and his family nor for his next generations. This is the normal tendency and views of common people. However, some great people who are singled out of thousands of masses benefit this mankind. They live for others. Their performances, activities, achievements, services render benefit all and sundry regardless of any discrimination or partiality.
    I have read a story when I was a child and I think everybody might have read or heard it. An old man was planting some mango saplings, a passerby asked him why he was planting them when he was too old to eat the fruits of the tree. He replied that he was planting those saplings for future generations. He knew that he would not be able to see these saplings as the grown-up trees but his souls would be happy when the next generations would eat their mangoes.

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    True. There are people who are selfish and never think about others. They don't bother about the neighbor or even about other family members. That is not correct. At the same time completely forgetting about our own welfare also not correct. We should take care of ourselves and we should make ourselves convenient. If we are there only we can care for others. This we should not forget.
    Our next generation should be made ready to live on their own. We can't support them through out their lives. We have to support our parents during their old age and we have to see that our children will settle well in their lives. In between we should not forget about our life and we should live to our maximum potential.

    always confident

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