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    Chef is emerging in every family.

    The Corona pandemic, where on the one hand the world has suffered a lot and the grief of losing loved ones, on the other hand, due to the lockdown, the sense of unity and belonging has also increased in many families. Some people have identified themselves, by recognizing their qualities and have done the work of improving them further. But one of the most common persons who is being seen in every family these days is a domestic chef. This chef is not the same woman in the family who cooks food for the family every day, her work has always been commendable, but most of the new chefs who are coming out these days are those people who probably never like to go to the kitchen, like some of the youth and some men and today they have mastered themselves by making Pizza., Burger, Idli, many many delicious items. Are you also improving yourself as a Chef or have you come across the hidden art of a Chef in any other member of your family? Share your experiences through this thread.
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    Starting of this thread is certainly true because most of families in which from celebrities to common people quit their maids from the house, strangely, the men in the family becomes chefs to give variety of food to the family. Still now, I am not tried as chef. Before lockdown, I prepare food usually for my family. It is a strang thought in the minds of celebrities because TV channels show their preparing food take as episodes. Generally, people believe that celebrities are different from them.

    I remember that my father prepared rice and tempered it. Generally, mother's do it with fermented rice to consume it in the mornings.

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    I was already interested in cooking and was making some dishes time to time and also publishing them in the media. But it was on an occasional basis and was not a regular thing as most of the time I was going out and taking and eating the eatables from various small eateries which are in abundance near my place. When the pandemic stuck there was a big change as I was deprived of those delicacies which I used to get outside so easily. That prompted me to try some of those dishes myself as I was having plenty of time even after my working in the ISC and other such sites. So, I got an idea to try some dishes and if there was success in that then send it for publishing also in some relevant sites. So, fortunately that worked well and I am happy to inform that I could make some 4-5 special dishes and a few of the ordinary ones and there was a great deal of learning while doing these things in the kitchen without much help from other family members. I hope many people might had utilised this opportunity for learning various facades of cooking.
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    I know cooking. I was cooking for me when I was staying alone in a room in Visakhapatnam. I used to make all types of varieties. After marriage, when myself and my wife were staying I used to cook food at least 3 or 4 days in a month to give rest to my wife. After my children grown up they started cooking and used to help their mother. After their marriage their wives started helping my wife. During this pandemic, my sons started learning cooking and now they are able to cook food. Every week at least for a day they are cooking food.
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    Culinary art is alien to me. That's not to say in one word. I quietly make tea and coffee. I don't know to cook any food even when I'm alone. The main reason for this is that I do not have to live alone for a long time. Since I was still at work in my native place, I used to come home and have lunch or bring lunch from home to the workplace. If I have to travel long distances for any other purpose, the accommodation will be at a hotel. So the food will be eaten there as well. The practice of washing and cleaning dishes and glasses before this pandemic period has been made a little wider. In the past, only the dishes and glasses I used were washed. But now the habit of washing and cleaning all the dishes/pots found in the washing area has been born automatically.
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    It is the fact that this lock down period has made the people to try for many new menus either shared from others or imported from the online, the house holds are treated to new varieties and tasty too. As the outside food are not being liked and having risk factor the house holds are making sure that they keep the family cheerful by trying new menus and thus the chidren who are stay put in the house are getting varied type of tasty food and the reason being they should forget the outside food and should not yearn for the hotel taste again. In this back drop many house holds are trying their new hands on many new menus and even becoming successful. For example my wife was not having idea of preparing Jonna roti all these days, but now she learned the intricacies of the same and prepares it flawlessly and without wasting much time and energy.
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    In my family comprising of four, all are good cooks. My wife is an excellent cook. I also cook well when my wife is away or sick in quarters. My daughter is just a simple ordinary cook. But my son is a grand cook. My son takes no time to prepare a dish, especially non-veg dishes. It is true that the pandemic has made all the members of the families to become good cooks. They may not be good chefs but cooks to manage their home. So, we can conclude that Corona is not a bad virus. It has come to teach us something good for life.
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    In every family generally the kitchen is the responsibility of the housewife assisted by maid servant or some servant if the family is able to afford that. Today the situation is changed a lot as many other members have also shown some interest in cooking and sharing a part of the kitchen work and for the housewife it is definitely a welcome thing. Let us hope that this trend though brought by the evil pandemic, will remain there for a long time.
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