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    Today is World Cycle Day.

    The golden age of cycling is back. Cycling in the Middle Ages seemed not to fit the status statement of many. But expensive bicycles have now become a status symbol. In some places, even classes are organized to create awareness about the benefits of cycling.
    One must be aware of protecting nature, protecting one's health at no other cost, and nullifying the increasing cost of other travel facilities, etc. NGOs are working hard to promote cycling in larger cities and other places to reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses caused by smoke from motor vehicles. Rising fuel prices due to governments' disability of policies also point to the need to use bicycles. Above all, one's health. The attractive advantage is that everyone can maintain their health by cycling at no extra cost.

    I wish everyone to get the great motivation to start cycling this day.
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    I never know that there is a day called world cycle day. Thanks to the author for bringing out this thread and making all the members aware of this.
    My father used to go to his office from our house on Cycle. His office was about 2 Km from our house. He used to come for lunch and go back. Total he was cycling 8 Km per day and 6 days per week. That itself kept him fit. Up to his 66th year he was doing that. After that he stopped the same. Today he is 88 years and he is able to manage his work on his own.
    These days people are using scooters and separately they go for walking . Instead of that if they use cycle for some works there may not be any special need to go for a walk. I used to go on cycle for my school and junior college. Later on I discontinued. I wish all the members of ISC a happy world cycle day.

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    It is wonder to say that for every moment a special day is designed by the people. In olden days, I think that people wouldn't care about any activity in particular but now it becomes fashion by giving importance as 'day'. However, cycling is the best opportunity to have fully body exercise. I used bicycle upto my graduation. After, some people told that it is shameful if at all bicycle is used. But, now, it is a trend to do cycling as a part of exercise.

    Without descrimination of gender, everyone has to learn cycling to make it habit to future generations. Still now, some elders do not know how to do cycling.

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    I do not agree when you write,
    "In olden days, I think that people wouldn't care about any activity in particular but now it becomes fashion by giving importance as 'day'."

    We are not aware of the rich heritage of the Indian culture wherein each day even a moment has got some importance and being celebrated in its unique style. Sadly, we are following the English calendar and go by as per their definition with broken and false facts in our history books.

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    I was unknown to the day, but when I opened today's newspaper I saw that todays world cycle day. Cycling is losing it's importance with advent of modern vehicles. Most important factor for this is demonstration effect. We all are allured with the luxuries offered in the market and see cycling as inferior. But nowadays cycling is again gaining it's importance and even cycles are also ranging very costly. I feel that it's better travel by cycle for short distances as it keeps health better and protects the environment.

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    Fortnately today myself and my son were discussing to have one cycle at our house that it can be used for exercise also go for the short drive. Actualy excessive usage of scooter want to be done and thus one cycle was needed. But there was different opinion about gear cycle or ordinary cycle. We need not spend huge on a cycle as we already have a scooter. But now we have realized that today is the world cycle day and many are turning to cycle these days as they are putting more weight to their body and cycling is the best exercise through which we can exert the body weight to much extent.
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    I love cycling. Unfortunately, after riding scooters/bikes and driving cars, cycling is not interesting as the speed is very low. It doesn't give any riding joy or pleasure. I feel it better to walk or run than cycling.

    Today, in the morning, I thought of cycles. Of course, it is not relevant to any cycling. Someone from my community wanted to have a hand pulled community funeral vehicle solely for our community only. They received quotations from the manufacturers. It costs more than 60,000 rupees. When someone came to me for subscription, I designed a funeral vehicle using two cycles and few meters of waterproof plywood. That would be very cheap and would cost less than 30000 rupees. I proposed my plan to them and they accepted it. I would buy two new cycles and plywood, steel rods, nut and bolts and paints. That's all. I am trying to find out strong cycles available in the market.

    Happy that I thought it on this cycle day.

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    A very Happy World Cycle Day.
    I would like to thanks the author to make us aware of this great day, I never know about this day before it. This is true there was a time when most of the people use cycle and that was very healthy for their physical health at the same time play an important role to protect our environment. I also use cycle in my school days and I really enjoyed it but after the 12th I did not use cycle, but I still have my cycle and sometimes use it for cycling in the early morning in my nearby ground but it actually is also rare. There are many countries where people still using bicycles even for a long distance. But in our country, the situation quite changes I have seen these days children getting scooters or bikes at a very early age that is not good for them not even for the environment. cycling is really a good and healthy exercise, and we should allow children to use more and more cycling for their own fitness.

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    Cycling is a good hobby for young people. It is a useful physical exercise. In some countries like Norway, Sweden, Netherland etc bicycle is commonly used by adults also. In India generally, labourers, hawkers, vendors and lower-class people use a bicycle. Several bicycle manufacturing companies have been closed. Gradually, the remaining units are also on verge of extinction.
    More use of the bicycle as means of transport will reduce the pollution level. City dwellers will have fresh air. The bicycle should be promoted by governments. If our leaders, big businessmen, celebrities etc start riding on bicycles, it will bring a big change to our country.

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