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    Too much rest may lead to rusting

    An iron rod that is kept in the open air for a long time will get rusted and lose its strength. The humidity in the atmosphere and the oxygen in the air will make the iron get converted to iron oxides.

    A knife that is kept idle for a long time will lose its sharpness and when we want to use it, it will be found useless.

    Similarly, if we the human beings start taking rest without doing any work for long hours we will lose our strength both physical as well as mental also. We should always have enough mental activity as well as physical activity also. There should be a balance always between work and rest. Struggling 24 X 7 is also not correct. At the same time sitting without any activity is also not correct. A person with a balanced life will have a healthy life. I like to know the views of other members.
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    I totally agree with what the author points out. People who eat and rest from time to time without doing any work only get rusted. There is a rule that he who does not work should not eat. That is what our forefathers said. There is nothing wrong with the old sayings. It is essential for the body to do some active work for the various absorption of the food eaten. If one just rest for a long time, he/she cannot stay healthy, they are more likely to attack that body from obesity to heart disease. Only physical fitness can be maintained by the work done by the body. The usage of the brain is a must for maintaining mental health. Those who think nothing or give no work to the brain are caught by dementia. The brain of such people becomes incapable of using even the necessities. So no one should allow their body, mind, and brain to rust through taking a rest for a long time.
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    Whether it is human being or the product, it must be used and put to work, otherwise there is every chance of repairs and rewals of attending the same product again and again for one reason or the other. Even for human beings, all through the day if one keeps on sitting and does not exert any pressure of work, the body becomes so lazy and obesity takes the front seat. The elders used to say that after the dinner one must walk at least for two kilometers so that the eaten things would get digested and after walking there is every chance of getting sound sleep for sure. Human body need overe hauling and that is possible through drinking water often and we get instant energy through which we must exert the pressure. Those who are not doing work or performing are likely to get bad remarks from the family and friends.
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    The author is right. Nowadays due to lock down most of us are at home (now, the process to unlock the lockdown has been initiated). Some of us are giving our share to household activities and help)ing wife/ladies. Some of us are doing work from home and some of us are spending our time with children or gardening or playing video games or the internet but some of us are giving complete rest to our bodies on beds. Eating too much without doing any physical activities that burn calories increase fat and invite several diseases.
    We should involve ourselves in some useful activities. It should be taken as obligatory on us.

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    I have often heard many elderly people saying that life is pleasant as long as the body moves. It is natural that after an age, human beings start having physical problems and sometimes some even mentally make a thought that now after this age we have become weak and maybe that's why start giving ourselves more rest.
    The elders or older people of the family are still more diligent and hardworking than the youth of today. Today, when I see my mother and aunt in my house, we all members ask them to take a rest but I feel like they have never thought of giving rest to their body and they are fit to date. The more rest we give to the body, the more lazy and weak it becomes, in such a situation various diseases and problems surround the body. It is very important for today's youth to understand this, especially those people who are lying in bed with mobile for hours, many physical problems are going to surround them in future.

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    You would enjoy your life if you maintain your sound health. You need to take care of your health both physically and mentally. You are your own master and a decision has to taken up from your end how best this has to enjoyed. Taking care of your food with the avoidance of spicy and oily foodstuffs and with the practice of yoga and exercise on regular basis can keep you fit enhancing your longevity. Again on the mental front, you should avoid the negativity at all costs. With a little precaution, you can have your perfect health.
    You need to chalk out a plan where there should be movement of your body doing some constructive work but rest is equally important. A deep sleep in the night would make you fresh and energetic for the next morning.

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    After a day's hard work, rest gives relief and pleasant feelings and one deserves it also. But what about the rest after rest? That is simply a waste of time and waste of the precious human body and its energy that the almighty has provided us. Taking more rest will never be pleasant as it will make a person lazy and fat which will be simply an invitation to ailments and bad health. God has given us a great chance to become a human in this world and if we waste our time and energy just by resting it is a very unfortunate thing.
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    I totally agree with the author. Along with the beautiful thought it also has a great methophical way to express the thought which make it much more understandable. Indeed, human needs to work, atleast to some extent to regain the ability they aquire. The lockdown is the biggest example of how people are past the regular work they used to once do and now going back to that regularity will be much more difficult for them. Rest is very important there is no doubt about it, we humans needs to rest to enhance and regain our strength however too much of rest or too much of doing nothing can lead to rusting in our mind like it happens with metal, as the author already said. It isn't necessary to work equally and overly everyday and all day but some type of work be it physical or mental should always be performed especially by the younger generation so they enhance themselves for better.
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