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    Doing the right work at the right time

    Everybody knows that doing the right work at the right time is key to success. But, for most of us is difficult to do the right thing. Very few people would able to do so. If Some people do the right work but lack of right time would not get success. The best example of this sentence is a coronavirus. Millions of people died in this world because they could not get proper treatment at right time. Many health institutions accepted that many covid patients would have saved their lives if they properly treated at right time. So, the disease can be cured when the medicine is given on time. Once time gets over, treatment is not possible.
    Every work has its own time to start. If you want to achieve some goal in life, you must know what is the proper time to go about things. Then you should start your work. Work before time and work after time always gives pain. So, one proverb is very famous" to hit the iron, when it is hot".

    This is my entry for the TOW contest
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    The author has well connected the tow topic with a very good content and it is the fact that we have to do right work at the right time to get inclusive results. For example if the bucket was not put rightly beneath the tap, the water would not flll and it will take time and does not fill at all. If the leaders and their parties are successful because they have taken right decision at the right time. If NTR could come to power in just 8 months over throwing the Congress govt, he worked for the result in right time and right work. He toiled and toured on his Chaitanya ratham connecting with the people instantly and won.
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    I completely agree with the author, only the work done at the right time gives the right results. Many times people only do the work according to their own accord but do not observe at that level whether the method and timing of the work are correct or not. But not only work, when we are talking about something, it is very important for us to consider whether this is the right way to talk and at the right time as well as the right situation. If your timing is right you will probably get the best quantity in the shortest amount of time. The example mentioned by the author is absolutely commendable, in this pandemic situation when many people are suffered, some of them lost their lives, at that time if they are not getting treated properly then obviously, how will they justify the right timing.

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    True. A stitch in time saves nine. If you do the correct work at the right time you will have a better outcome. I am presently in a village in Andhra Pradesh. Here the condition is so bad that if anybody is having a fever immediately the medical shop fellow is giving a kit similar to the kit given by the government and they are using it even without getting tested. Many innocent people are dying due to this. They are doing wrong things. Instead of that if they go to a doctor and get the testing done and diagnose the correct disease they might have been saved. They are doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Two wrong things will never make the right thing. A delayed action will always result in a wrong way only and we all might have experienced the same many times in our lives.
    A nice thread by the author and he narrated the importance of time and work. Neglecting the issue initially and once it has become severe worrying about the same is never advisable.

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    That's right. If we worked correctly and on time, the exact result is guaranteed. But, as the author points out, the result is worse or negative when anyone does not know which is the exact time or how to do the job correctly. Treatment is not like that. We can only take anyone to the hospital only after recognizing he/she is sick.

    I am reminded of a story I have heard before about treatment.
    Whenever anyone brought a patient, a doctor used to ask 'why you had not brought him a little earlier? One day a man fell from a coconut tree and was brought to the hospital. Still, the doctor asked, "Why didn't you bring him a little earlier?" The story goes that one of the people who took the man to the hospital angrily asked the doctor in return, "Can we bring him here before he falls from the coconut palm?"
    Similarly, no one goes to the hospital until they realize they are sick.

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    The author has raised a very pertinent topic that you do a right thing at the right time. This can be illustrated in several ways. In case, you go to the bank for the cash withdrawal but you did not ask for a cheque book which has exhausted after the present withdrawal. Coming back again would take additional timing and you need to fix the date for the same. A little careful planning would save you from this embarrassment. This could apply for a lot of things. In case, you are preparing for an examination and you are under impression that you have the lot of time for the preparation, the situation might be reversed sometimes if you fall prey to any disease. In that situation, your entire planning would be spoiled. Hence you should think always how best you can exploit your time for the best results.

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    Every work should be started much before its time of completion. If we delay in doing any work it may result in failure or some other problems. I agree with the author any work should be done at right time. If you are going to attempt any competitive examination, then you should decide how much study material you have to prepare for the examination, so you are to start study in the right manner to succeed in this examination. This rule is applied to every work or responsibility.

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    Right work at right time is an example of perfection which we seldom achieve in our lives. The reasons are many but one thing that is the paramount in this matter is that as we depend on many factors for the success of a job and until all the things are in place at the right time there are no chance of success. For example we arrange a birth day party at 7 PM and order a cake to be delivered to us at 6:30 PM but due to traffic or some other problem it reaches our house at 8 PM and people are waiting for it. This would be an irritating situation that in spite of everything planned the function got delayed and some people who had to go early started to show their impatience or gestures like that. So, the lesson learnt is that ask the delivery of the cake may be 3-4 hours ahead and keep it there in advance. Like that there are many factors that would go haywire if there is no meticulous planning and homework done in the matter. Doing right work at right time is a very wide scope of activities and will result in perfection only when all the background work is already achieved in advance. It is easy to say so but very difficult to achieve in real life situation. Most of the time we fail to do so.
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    Timing of a work is definitely very important matter as anything done after the time when its utility is over would be a wasted effort. Doing things correctly is also a must to do because if the things are not done in a proper manner there will not be any chance of success in that. Very few people are able to synchronise these two aspects in one consolidated effort and get the success.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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