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    Is that the fact that those who chide us or scold us lot also likes us much?

    In Tamil there is a great saying that "Adikira kai dhan anaikum" that means those who control us through their remarks and even beat us has the right to embrace and like us very much. Whether the elders at the home or the parents, if they keep on chiding a child, it is the indication that they like them very much as they equally love them. The reason for chiding and scolding is for the beterment of the child life and nothing else. But children think that the elders and parents are chasing them and not caring. What is your view on this.
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    Scolding and chiding children is acceptable within a family. They are scolded and chided to make them good. It is not relevant to relatives and friends children. Their parents may not like it. Also, we cannot/should not scold or chide grown up children or teenagers. The result would be like a reverse kick.
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    That is true. Parents may scold or beat their children if they are going on the wrong path. This is mainly to see that their children will not get spoiled in their lives. When we have a liking for a person we will watch him more and see that he will be better in his life. When we don't have any interest we will not concentrate on somebody and we will never advise him. So I feel that saying is correct.
    But elders should try to advise them in a soft way without scolding or beating. But if they are not caring for that, then there is no option we may have to be serious about them.

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    Parents should not use the ultimate step of beating their children quite often since this may not be effective solution at the later stage. Sometimes the parents don't apprise of their kids why they are being punished. This would not speak well as the kids may suffer psychologically from such a rude handling. Care must be taken initially to make them understand the severity of the situation of their engagements in that way. If they are close to you, they will certainly change their steps. Parents should maintain enough patience while handling their kids and such patience would create a favourable impact on them. May be your patience would work more effectively than taking any harsh step.

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    The father punishes the son because he likes him. That punishment is for the boy/girl to grow up well. And not out of dissatisfaction with him or her. It is to ensure the necessary values in the development of children whose parents are punished when they see disabilities. Although the child feels despair and hatred towards the parents at the time of each punishment, after a while, when he/she hears the call of my son or my daughter from the parents, all the hatred melts away and the children happily run to the side of the mother/father with the knowledge that they are in love. Child punishment helps to solidify their long life to come smoothly. The child's mind may be convinced that the punishment was inflicted as a child, but it will be fully understood when they become adults and think about why.
    The Holy Bible says:
    "For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." (Proverbs 3:12).
    That means: As the father does to his loving son, the LORD punishes those he loves.
    "Now no chastening for the present seemeth not to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless, afterward, it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby."
    (Hebrews. 12:11)
    That means: Every punishment seems not to be joyous and sorrowful at that time, but in the hereafter, those who are trained in it will receive the peaceful fruit of righteousness.

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    Nobody scolds or naggs you for committing any mistake or going astray but parents. In today's world nobody cares about what you are doing and how you are doing, even you are going to indulge in harmful activities which may destroy your career and life in the long run nobody stops you let alone scold you however, one who loves you and cares about you he/she may be angry with you. He may shoot a series of teachings at you without considering you welcome his teachings or not.

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    Parents have a strong feeling in their mind that their children should do good in their lives and become successful and should have name, fame, and money. With that in the back of their mind they will always push the children for studying, hard working, attempting in competitive exams etc and will also give them all the facilities as per their financial conditions. Children might not understand these things as they are not mature enough to feel these things related to the aspirations of the parents and at times might revolt against the parents who are desirous of making them successful. This brings a conflict in many families and then the only course of action that parents have to take is to use the stick to bring the children in the groove. It is also said that spare the rod and spoil the child. So, when parents are concerned and love their children so much sometimes scolding and other such actions are justified seeing the overall objective of the parents for the growth of the children and ultimately for the progress of the family.
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    Parents scold their children only for their betterment and not just to show their supremacy. Every parent loves its children. It is a natural feeling that is inherent in us. Children may not understand this apparent duality and might fight at times with the parents and simply disobey them. But parents have to keep a patient mind and try to keep the students on the right track. Sometimes it becomes necessary for the parents to be harsh with the children and that is a part of the growing up of the children only and there is nothing unusual in that and even if the parents have to be tough then they have to resort to tough measures also.
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