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    Seeing the scenario of Covid pandemic, what changes you are expecting in the future of India?

    Covid-19 pandemic is one that shaken the emtore world. Many countries got affected economically, health wise and even human relations got worsened. Scientists day and night worked together and brought some success in the form of vaccines. But still the nono virus terrifying by modifying itself into many forms. By bringing one wave after another it is still terrifying world. Do you think these Corona waves stop atleast after some time? Our fore parents used to tellus because of typhoid, cholera, plauge, small pox, pneumonoa etc. people used dye in large number. Becaise of development im scoence we are able to overcome from these dangerous disease. Eventhough the world is now at its scientific peaks but we are facing the situation of olden times. In this scenario what your expecting the future of India and the world.
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    Many difficult problems were solved by scientists and doctors and now we are having good medicines for many ailments. This Corona is a man-made virus and left out intentionally or unintentionally. So when it attacked the human beings immediately there is a panic and we have seen the worst ever pandemic. However, now good medicines are brought in and vaccines are also made. So I feel in another 6 months time we will see a better atmosphere all over the world. We will see normal society in another year.
    But we all should learn the lessons from this pandemic and we should bring in some changes in our way of life. We should give more importance to cleanliness and hygiene conditions. Many of the systems which were practised by our forefathers are proved to be better during these pandemic days. So we should start analysing those issues and whichever are important and useful should be implemented so that we all will be safe.

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    Though the current phase of corona has created havoc with the lives of the people and even we are witnessing the deteriorating economic conditions due to the spread of the corona in the different pockets of our country. Though the intensity has diminished with the lockdown of almost all states but still we need to be serious for the total containment of this virus.
    The vaccination drive has to be intensified so that the entire population is vaccinated within the shortest possible time. Even if the present phase is over, we can witness another phase of COVID due to mutation of the virus. We don't know at present how far it will prove dangerous and we have to be careful with the follow up of same safety aspects being followed currently such as proper wearing of masks and maintaining the distance of two meters when interacting with the people.

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    From the government point of view they learned the big lesson that health sector need to be improved and more funds be given so that every hospital from the village to urban cities should be patient ready for any disease and there should not be any compromise on the central and state govt on this matter. More immune improving medicines would be made available to the people through govt hospitals so that the resistant power would increase against all kind of of virus. One thing sure from village level to metro cities the civic authorities need to be alert and fumigate every area during the nights no matter it costs to the country.
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    The future depends on two main factors and that is inventing the drug for this virus and other is to make a 100% effective vaccine and vaccinate at least 70% of the population to gain effective herd immunity. The scientists are doing their best to attain these objectives and soon we will be hearing the good news. But till that time the life is going to be very tough as we have to put a big stop to our indulgences in fun and outdoor activities which were of course a lifeline for us but in the present situation are becoming a death trap for many of us. So the challenge till that time will be as how to control our desires and control the lures for the outside world out of our four walls of the house. It is going to be difficult and the coming times will only tell the real story.
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    We cannot deny that covid will heavily effect all around development of our country. Even after being so much ahead in science we are still not able to find a cure, yes vaccine exits but they aren't fully secure nor are they for forever. So, we can say that the pandemic and covid-19 will have great effects. It will effect our economy tremendously which we can already we along with that their will a bunch students who will very likely less educated due to the hinderences in the education system. Covid is also likely to effect the country's security, funding in medical supplies and so on. All and all there are a lot of changes that awaits us after this pandemic is brought under control. Even after so many changes, we won't be backed down, the country will continue fighting and regaining whatever was lost due to covid and within a decade or so we might be able to enhance our pace towards development again.
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