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    Can the Indian micro social media Koo beat Twitter ?

    Two days back I have become the member of India based micro social media Koo and glad to see, all the Union Ministers and even our PM is connected to the site and therefore we can express, praise, criticism and even suggest ways and means to various govt programs announced through it. Ever since the face off started between the center and the big social media who are not adhering to govt laws, the new platform would enable to connect and get to know what is happening without censoring or deleting the content. Have you become the member?
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    I am also using Koo and it is avery convenient and well designed app and is in no way inferior to twitter. The only difference is Koo is now picking up and users are increasing day by day while twitter is already a giant in this field and definitely can be said to be the number one in this category. Newcomers will find that in Koo they get immediate recognition by the members with welcome messages and immediate followings and likes etc while in twitter it takes a long time to get recognised by the twitter community which is very very large. Twitter is having about 17-18 million users while Koo is around 3-4 million but that is a good growth seeing the time that it was incepted. I think Koo is going to be another giant in this area as it is also now growing rapidly.
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    I am also having an account on this micro-social media site Koo. Some of my posts in my local language on this site have obtained many likes and some of them are trending also. Many people contribute in local language here. Slowly many are joining on this site. We can post in our mother tongue also here.
    Twitter is a very big and popular site and the world over members are there and many VIPs also are having accounts on this site. They are using this site as a communication blog for communicating to others so that the common man will also know what is happening.
    Koo is an Indian app emerging slowly. Now many of us are learning about it and joining the app. Slowly some VIPs from India may join here. So there are chances for this site to grow big. But it has to go a long way. Indian population is very high and twitter is having majority members from India. If all these people open their account on Koo and stop working on Koo, definitely Koo will get good popularity and can compete with twitter and even surpass twitter. It all depends on how it will get the support from inidna citizens is very important.

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    Koo is a really well built app. It is also the outcome of our own Indians therefore it can be said as much more convenient and friendly for Indians. However there isn't much comparison between twitter and Koo. Koo can not really overcome or overpass the popularity of twitter, atleast not in the near future. Twitter has been a household name for a decade now and it does not only have a majority of Indian population but also many other people from different part of the world that use this app. Especially the younger generation of our country have become so accustomed with the app that it will be difficult for them to move on and settle on a different app. As twitter not only connect Indians with indians but also with people from outside the country which Koo won't be able to do, atleast for now. Even though I haven't used koo yet I best believe that it is a good app but it cannot be really compared with a ace like Twitter.
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    Good that many of our members are connected to Koo and wish to see them there also.
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    I am also having an account on Koo, in fact, I do not have an account on Facebook but I used Koo. I started to use to follow some authors and at that time I did not know about its popularity, I just simply used it but after using it sometimes I found it very helpful to keep me updated all over the world. This is true that Twitter has more users but as we know Twitter is an old and popular app that is using for a long time by most celebrities or personalities. It may take time but definitely, Koo will also find many more users.

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    Koo is becoming popular day by day and many people are preferring it over the twitter. Koo is easy to use and is well designed as far as posting and responding aspects are concerned. Sharing to other platforms from Koo is also easy and simple.
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    lately, it was heard about this app during frequent incidents of skirmishes between India and China and many China made apps were banned in india but still I am not a member thereof.
    I was an active member of Twitter a few years ago but now it's a part of history. I keep in touch with Twitter through different youtube news channels for being abreast of latest ongoing trends.
    Twitter has a vast area like a gaint. There is no comparison between the two. Koo willl attract more indians to be its members but I doubt if people of other countries, especially, to US and European countries, will also adopt it because of their supremacy theory.

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