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    Right-paradox, neutral but dynamic

    I always consider "right" as neutral. It goes with everybody, truth calls itself right and even the falsehood always say, "yes I am right". Teachers are right, disciples are right, parents are right and even their sons and daughters are right. Hence we can say that it is mixed in everybody's life and hence can be concluded as neutral. But with time this neutrality fades away. I want to quote this with an example, a child always considers himself as right and always opposes his father. Time passed away and one day he lost his father. After that he said, " I love you dad, it was I who was wrong always and you are the rightest." Hence 'right-paradox' is dynamic. One day everybody learns his mistake but generally it's very late.

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    The conflict of supremacy and ego always takes place between the persons in asserting who is right even though they are wrong. If the elders say something and said it is right, because it is not out of knowledge but as past experience they gone through know the result well. For example when I was child my father used to interfere on every affair and see that things go well. One day a wall clock with pendulum was to to shifted and hanged at other place of the room and asked me to do because I am height in size. And the chair was steel chair which cannot withhold the weight in the middle. And this was explained to me by father as caution but I wont listen and when I got to work the chair caved in and luckily the watch was firmly held by me not to fall on the ground. Had the watch wall clock broken I had the terrific beating for sure.
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    Everybody is right in his eyes and doesn't admit his/her mistake. It is quite a common tendency of people, despite he/she knows that he/she is wrong but for the sake of tendency he/she has to continue obstinacy. This tendency is not confined to a certain age limit. All ages take it as mandatory because confession is taken as humiliation or the matter of prestige and prestige can't be hurt. Come what may, prestige is to be protected.

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    This is true, no one says that he./she may wrong in fact if anyone feels it's wrong doing from his/her side even then they try to prove themselves rightly. This is the main reason for arguments and most disputes that people never want to accept their mistakes and always think no one can be the rightest as they are. The scenario of the son and his father that is mentioned by the author is the most common scenario of many families where youngsters don't want to feel wrong and after an age, they realized the same thing and sometimes feel regret also.

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    Very interesting post submitted by the author. The paradox of thinking or assuming oneself right. Yes, from that perspective no one on the earth will accept that he has done a wrong thing and to justify that would do more wrong things or make wrong statements or exclamations. Actually people become wiser with age and learn and gain experience from the events of the past life and then become able to assess a particular matter or event in a holistic way. That takes time to acquire such precision in ones observations and decisions and till that time we all make wrong assessment of the situations and works associated with them. Telling or ding something wrong and believing that as right is the most harmful thing in ones life and would result in adverse situations.
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    A very good submission from the author. No one will easily accept that they are at fault. Instead, they always think that others are envying us and that is why they are trying to find fault with us. But they never try to analyse themselves and think whether there is any truth in the words of other people.
    Generally, the younger generation will always think that they are right and the old people unnecessarily point out them. When they try to tell us something to these younger people they may not care for it. But by the time they realise that they are wrong, the old people might have been passed away and there will be nobody to advise them properly.
    This is a very natural phenomenon these days. If we understand our mistakes early and follow the recommendations given by our elders like parents and grandparents. Then we will be in a better position in our lives. With their blessings, the younger generation can lead a happy

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    There is a difference between thinking oneself right and actually being right. One cannot asses oneself whether one is right or wrong. Generally this is done by a third party which acts like a judge to the activity. Every one thinks oneself as right. Even a child would do that. But later one gets the feel of the things when one finds that one was utterly failure in a particular task.
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    I must say that it's a good post by the author. Short but to the point. Everyone goes through this phase, and later we realise what was right actually.

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