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    Recent rules in Bengal, granting restaurants, Dine-in options.

    Recently our Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, announced new rules of the farther lockdown, granting Dine-in options for the restaurants from 5pm to 8 pm, I have two queries which I would like to address to, and would also like to have your opinion on.
    1. The new rules states that the restaurants can reopen for Dine-in provided all the workers are vaccinated. Now my question is, whether it is possible for keeping a check on whether all the restaurants are working with vaccinated staff or not, with the number being so wide.
    2. Also, I feel there are a huge number of small businesses, who's sole mode of earning is Dine-in, and with these new protocols and extreme shortage of slots on coWin app, is it possible for these small vendors to get vaccinated before re-opening? Do you feel its an added disadvantage at their end, due to lack of amenities for proper vaccine, these small vendors might suffer losses.
    What are your views?
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    I think the government of West Bengal might have weighted for some more time before giving permissions to restaurants and dine-in options. Still, the 2nd wave of Corona is not under control. The death rate in the country is increasing and as of now, it is about 1.1%. So one should be very careful.
    The government is asking the organisation to see that their employees and their families will get vaccinated. The governments are arranging Vaccine for them. These small vendors about whom the author is talking about also should be given vaccine on a priority basis and see that before they start their business they will get vaccinated. Many people will be coming to them for eating and if any of them are having the virus, it may spread to the people who are doing business also. So they will be at risk. So permission should be given for them to go for the business after getting vaccinated and the government has to arrange for their vaccination. That should be the method I feel.

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    Whenever some new rules are made then it is believed that they will be followed by the people in toto and will be implemented nicely. In this case we can also hope this to come true. Now the basic problem in this aspect is many times especially in Govt sector there is difference in the policy making and its implementation. So, if the leaders allow something for the benefit of the small shopkeepers even if some risk element is there then generally these small shopkeepers whose number is very large will be happy with the Govt and that would eventually affect the next general election result. So, we have to distinguish between the decisions as if they are taken with a political motive or simply for the welfare of the people. That is the juncture where the judgement of the citizens comes in fore and then only such decisions can be assessed in real terms.
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    The new rule being introduced in the Bengal seems to be a kind of insult working in the hotel industry. Considering the time for opening and closing during the present regime is justified but the manner that the workers doing their jobs should be vaccinated before they continue their jobs. This condition should not be the litmus test for them especially when the is the shortage of the vaccination every where. How could be possible for them to get vaccinated.? This is nothing but a kind of punishment for these workers when they are facing worst crisis from the corona phase.

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    The restaurants workers and employees are now treated as frontline workers and they are given the vaccines on priority basis. In fact in Hyderabad the GHMC staff are going round the places and giving the slip to those who are working in restaurants to get vaccinated immediately at the designated place on particular day, otherwise they will not be allowed to work. This is good idea and probably Mamta is also following the same. India and states cannot afford to loose the money on lock down and they are seeing ways and means to get back the economy into the fold. But restaurant and eatery managers should form a union or association and approach for special nurse and vaccines from the civic authorities so that the entire process can be recorded through the aadhaar settings and then given the vaccines hassle free. It must be good move.
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