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    Rights and responsibilities should be treated equally

    As a human being, we have some rights and some responsibilities. As a father or a son or a mother or a daughter, we have some responsibilities and rights. As a citizen of this country also we have some rights and responsibilities. Many of us will have the tendency to fight for our rights. But we will forget about our responsibilities. We talk about our freedom of speech and freedom of living etc. But we will not feel that we should not encroach into the freedom of others.

    We say enjoying the richness of our father is our right but when we have to take care of our parents, we will not think that is our responsibility. . Lord Rama was having the right to become the King but he thought that keeping up the word given by his father was his responsibility and went to the forest leaving the kingdom to his brother. This should be the attitude of a good human being.

    We always think about what the nation has given to us but never think about what we have given to the nation. This attitude is not new and it is very old. It is not a correct trait. A person who is having progressive thinking should treat other's right as his responsibility. A good citizen may fully aware of his rights but he should understand his responsibilities in serving the nation for a greater cause.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Your freedom to move your hand ends where my nose begins." A true human being should always treat rights and responsibilities equally.

    This is my entry for
    Topic based TOW contest for May '21- topic-'Right'.
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    Everyone has certain rights and responsibilities. But unfortunately, we only think about our rights. Those who are eager to speak out and fight for their rights do not even think about the responsibilities they have to fulfill. It can only be said that the reason is the selfishness of the ordinary human mind to buy what they deserve. As we fulfill our responsibilities one by one, it will be the rights of others. But fulfilling responsibilities is a little difficult. We will have to spend our time and money on that. A clear mind and heart are essential for fulfilling responsibility.

    A mind full of buying, taking, and protecting only our interests cannot give anything, seek the interests of another or care about others. Such people cannot live as good people. Good citizens think first of their responsibilities rather than their rights. That is what they prefer. Only then do they think about the rights they deserve. The main matter here is what our priorities are. Although our mind often reminds us of our responsibilities, we tend to neglect our responsibilities because of the small losses we may experience. But we must understand that it causes great pleasures that others receive when we perform responsibilities.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    What I feel that when responsibilities are given the rights should also be given. For example you are working in the customer care and dealing with sarees or dress materials. Since you are alone responsible to respond and redress the customer complaint or non happiness for that the company should give you sweeping powers to decide on the matters concerned safe guarding the interest and the reputations of the company. If the rights are not given to settle the matters the customer care would become useless and the complaint escalate to defame the very existence of the company. Now a days the customers are writing reviews on the You tube immediately after finding any small fault and in that case the responsibilities without rights would be mere waste. So what the author said holds good on many matters.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When communism was discarded from USSR and the country was divided among different segments. It was declared that democracy will give fundamental rights to all citizens. A man was walking in the middle of the road somewhere in Moscow because he was enjoying his freedom at the expense of the smooth movement of traffic. He was caught by the police and taught him what is the difference between rights and responsibilities.
    Rights and responsibilities go together. When somebody is entitled to avail some rights, simultaneously he/she is bound to fulfil some responsibilities too. He/she should understand that if he/she has rights, so other people also have similar rights which are responsibilities on him.

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    When we look at our constitution we get fundamental rights and fundamental duties also, but most people always fight for their rights if they were aware of that, at the same time they do not think about those fundamental duties that should be fulfilled by the people in the benefit of the country or humanity. A very common example of that public property, people often demand best and smooth roads in their area and always blam to government or department for it but when it comes to taking care of them then people do not want to give same support for it. When we know our rights, we should defiantly understand our responsibility also.

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    Regrettably, we are only concerned about 'our' rights and 'your' responsibilities. We often forget that we have a responsibility too towards others and society and that is creating a lot of problems everywhere. Whether it is within the family or outside, we fail to remain fully aware of our responsibilities and that's why there are a lot of awareness campaigns everywhere. Just think of the environment. We have learnt in our childhood how important is the environment and how we should protect the environment so that there is less pollution but we forget those things when we grow up. Others had to remind us about it and you will find a lot of campaigns for that. Like that, if there are campaigns to make us aware of our responsibilities I think we will become a bit more responsible.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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