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    Choices and selections are very important in life.

    The loss of the integrity and purity of life is due to the overemphasis on the unimportant and the neglect of the precious. Determining the right priorities is the key to positive growth and satisfaction in life. Some decide things according to the customs of the land. Some people make life plans, focusing only on personal pleasures. We should not do anything just to win the applause of others. Giving each of them the importance they deserve, and giving only the exact importance they deserve, are the lessons of determining priorities.

    The list of needs and wants is determined by what a person lives. Compassion for others should be part of the goal, just as life goals should have individuality and individuality. It is not enough to think only of the steps to climb, but you must also remember the steps now stand. In the end, in the calculation of achievements, the only thing left will be relationships and friendships. Not everyone can accept or hold on to everything. But we must be able to identify the does and don't.
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    Nice advice from the author and it applies to every one. Some times we are not able to decide the things based on urgency and need of the hour and simply waste money and time on those things which are not relevant and not wanted at this time of hour. As said by the author some people who are rich and affordable are always looking for more pleasures and more enjoyment so that they get highlighted in the social circle. Some wants to become members of lavish clubs so has to testify themselves in front of others as to how professional in every matter and the same person would be not paying the salaries to the employees in time. Some donate liberally to others but when it comes to caring their own peope they are nil and nothing. So what is the use of such life which lacks the proper selections and choices are left to their own discretions.
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    They are important and varies from person to person. In many cases, people focus on personal achievements only and accordingly they may also choose their friends. The problem starts when people begin to think about what they have achieved in life. In most cases, you will find these achievements are related to the materials they have purchased from the money they have accumulated and the same story is passed on to the next generation to follow. Ask anybody about what they have achieved in life so far and I think the answers mostly would be related to either the position/rank in their professional fields or the property they have. Many won't be able to say clearly what their minds really wanted because they have only followed the footsteps of others. Interestingly, we remain busy impressing others and give importance to those things which will help us to receive appreciation of others. This thread acts as a reminder to all of us to look inwards while making a choice.

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    A nice suggestion from the author. We should have our own interests and based on that only we should make our choice and selection. We should think about what is our position and what is that we require. We should never think or decide by looking at others. Others will be deciding based on their financial status and requirements.
    The priorities of the persons will change. Many people focus more on these worldly pleasures and never think about peace and happiness for themselves. This is the main problem for many problems we face in our lives.
    In my opinion, one should think of himself as an independent identity and make his selections.

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    The author is absolutely correct. The choices we make in our life, so its determination must be proper. Sometimes there may be some wrong choices unintentionally but as soon as we realize that maybe our choice was wrong, we should change our choice at that very moment. One of the most kindful qualities of life is that it always gives us a chance to start afresh. It is much wiser to rectify the wrong than to regret it and be more serious about your choices in the future. We should understand the value of our each small choice and by adding these we are making a happy and successful life for ourselves.

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