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    Why do we get convinced - Boss is always right?

    "Boss is always Right!"
    "Aarya doshanam grahanthasya" (Meaning- The mistakes of elders need to be observed)

    These above two lines are almost similar. But when we observe these things in working environment, it sometimes pinches us to accept the statement the Boss is always right. As I said in many occasions in this Forum, we have not inherited the good qualities of the British legacy and applicable to everyone ;from a Civil servant to an ordinary citizen.

    A WhatsApp Vedio clip has prompted me to post this thread. The Boss is fond of playing Golf and of course, many big shots happen to exhibit their performance in the mornings at the Golf court. His two disciples also followed him. He tried to hit the ball and lofted his hand with the stick into the air and eagerly looking for the ball to know the distance it traversed. His two assistants standing behind him never fail to please him and so one of them spontaneously picked the unmoved ball and threw very far and the other one clapped saying 'super shot'.

    Flatterism turned new shape everywhere right from politics to village school level and in the recent times it reached different levels with different shades.

    So, I always wonder is Boss always right?
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    Boss is always right because we have no guts to oppose the Boss even if he is wrong. Boss is the invester, manager and takes all risks about the business and therefore his actions are commanding, correct and over powering . It does not mean every boss would be right and keep quiet. He decentralize the power and delegates responisbilities to the lower ranks and thus the boss want to get rid of daily tensions of businesss and in that case he may not command that he is always right. Even in the house when elders say something it is out of respect and experience we bow and accept them. Like wise Boss is the head of the company and we have to accept all his commands and orders without telling back anything. And the Boss always likes those who does not return question them on any orders or suggestions. That is why Boss is always right.
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    If I say, - I am always right and you are wrong would it sound too harsh? Actually, in any argument many times people think in that way only and the argument becomes a never-ending one. Those who have the power and think they are quite powerful it becomes their nature to think they are always right. The same mentality is applicable to most of the bosses and that's why the term 'Boss is always right' may be a popular adage. I am not saying that every boss thinks in that way but there are associates/disciples too who do everything to prove the boss is always correct which is described in this post in a good way. Basically, they want to remain in the good book of the boss so that they can get all kinds of advantages from the boss and interestingly a lot of people wish to remain in the good book of their superiors in the place of work. The question is not whether the boss is always right, rather if the subordinates try to please the boss every time they can even prove a wrong thing right.

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    Actually, everybody thinks that he/she is always correct. Some people will have the nack or knowledge to argue with others and prove that they are always correct. Here to do that we require more presentation skills and argument skills more than subject knowledge. People who don't have such skills will always suffer and they can't prove themselves correct.
    But when I was in a powerful position and the career growth or job continuation is in my hands I will never like people who are trying to prove me wrong. So they always want people to say Yes. If anybody in the larger interest of the organisation tries to tell me something like a boss I never like it and I will show them my power. So many people with that fear keep silent and accept whatever the boss says. That is why this boss is always correct has become very common.
    Many bosses will have their own yes men and will flourish in the organisation as they will always be in the boss's good books.

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    People fear the boss because he has some powers to harm them if not benefit them. He also writes the annual performance report of the subordinates on which the future career depends. So, due to this fear sometimes boss also takes liberty and get all sort of things by them. Some people who are expert in flattery will always praise boss whether he does a correct thing or does a wrong thing.
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    If boss is having some followers rather say blind followers who flatter him often then the concept of boss is always right comes on the fore. We all know that boss is very powerful in all respect and management has given him immense powers to deal with the employees or subordinates. This makes him a type of Godly figure in that environment and people respect him out of the fear only. The scenario changes when some blunt subordinates happen to be under such a boss and these employees do not bother for their career but give a lesson to the boss and give him a tough time.
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    Boss is always right provided that he must be (a) your present boss (b) he should have power to harm you (c) you have no relation with his boss.
    Boss is not always right. Sometimes, he is wrong and sometimes, he is right. It is very much possible that you are more qualified than him but he has been appointed as your boss and you are compelled to say to him, "Yes, Sir".
    Saying -yes, sir - is the best mantra to please him. The reason is that you are not in a position to say him - No, you are wrong, sir.
    Also saying outright something negative about him is an invitation to get yourself fired or falling in trouble, however, considering basic manners If truth is spoken to him and indirectly prove him wrong will give good results. but here your quality how to manoeuvre the situation and change it in your favour encounters test and trial.

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    We normally will not object or thinking badly or getting worried if the boss is really right. We cannot say all bosses are like that. Many bosses will be understanding and with knowledge. But some people who possess ego in them and thinking always that they must be right, acting like this. These people are intolerable and we have to compromise ourselves as 'boss is always right'. As told by #733108 the fear in us prevents to speak further. But it is a lesson to us learnt from such bosses, that we should not behave like this to our subordinates.

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    We can come across some bosses who would always think to promote the subordinate with the enriched knowledge where they are working. They would provide every support in that direction. It would be difficult for the subordinates to understand such type of bosses since they can scold them left and right giving an impression that they are to make serious harm to them. However, this may not be so, the end results are quite surprising with the achievements of promotion from such bosses. However, such bosses are rare. Normally we are afraid of the bosses because of their extreme powers of spoiling us for very minor lapse. Hence we speak in their tones so as to skip any punishment.

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