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    Are we noticing new meanings to the happenings in life ?

    In Tamil there is a serial going on in Zee, named Pudhu Pudhu ardhangal. In that rarest of the rare human behavior is seen and portrayed and that may not happen in real life. For example a well known chef is yearning to eat the preparation of a house hold who donates the prasad at a temple and he gets over joyed with the taste. Though it looks stupid to have such kind of reaction, but new meaning is read in this relation.Likewise in our life also unusual things happen and we fail to notice the meaning behind those happenings.
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    A chef who cooks well may also have his own likes and he might have liked the food made in a house and he showed that happiness in his joy. I always feel that this is a natural phenomenon only. A doctor who is very good and has good experience may also consult another doctor sometimes based on the need and to get some support for his thinking.
    In our house, we used to call a cook whenever there is a special function or gathering was there. He used to cook food very well and everybody used to appreciate his talent. Once when he came to our house we asked him to take lunch with us. He liked the taste of the curry made by my wife and taken all the details of making that. This is very normal.

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    If the information shared on reciprocal basis is something of liking but what I was citing is new meaning to life.
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    It all depends on how you are trying to interpret things. A certain happening can be taken conventionally by many people and some others may think it differently to give it a new dimension. Sometimes thinking in a different way is necessary because if we do not do that, it will remain the same old story followed by generations together. It is better not to look for meanings behind every action since it may even be the reaction of a person to some action. The reaction can always vary depending on many factors.

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    The wife and job of others both look more attractive to an onlooker when he makes a comparison between his and others. However, his children are always more beloved than all children. It is a normal outlook for people. Examples of chef and doctor are aptly given. The chef is an expert person to cook different varieties of food but he likes to take food another cook, likewise, a doctor doesn't take medicine on his own, rather prefers to take it from other doctors. I have seen it too. I was sitting with a doctor another doctor who was senior to him came to him for treatment.

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    Such events happen time to time and some of them might look strange and amusing but it depends on our perception also as how we want to interpret those reactions. Every person will have ones reaction based on ones perception and it might look baffling to the onlookers as they have some different perception about the incident. Given a choice people will tell their own perception about any incident which would be totally different from others and that is the uniqueness that people have in their observations. If we see a happening with a new view, it is natural that we may find new meanings there. But in reality people see things in the usual established ways and do not see any new meaning to it and interpret it in the older ways only. Spontaneous actions usually do not require an explanation because they are based on the reflex actions of the human body rather than using the mind and doing a home work to arrive at those observation.
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