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    Is there a systematic conspiracy by Peta to defame Amul ?

    New controversy has been erupted between Peta and Amul brand as the Peta sought Amul to explore plant based milk than milking from the cattle as done and confirmed by India's largest milk producer and also milk based products. R S Sodhi , Amul MD said earlier that cattle milk is good for health and that paved way for face off between the two. Amul has been the house hold name in India and they stand by their quality and Peta seems to raking unwanted issue and want to defame India's milk giant with these cheap motive.
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    What is Peta? Please write the full form. It becomes difficult to understand abbreviated or shortened names. It is advisable to use the full form first and the abbreviated form.
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    PETA wants that milk should be taken from plants instead of animals because it is cruelty against animals. Amul does not accept this claim of PETA.
    I could not find any conspiracy in this verbal tug of war between the two.

    Amul vice-chairman Valamji Humble said:

    "Dairy sector is an important contributor to the GDP of India but the GDP can be affected adversely by misinformation spread by opportunistic elements like this NGO. Organisations like this are part of the conspiracy to render unemployed the milk producers of India,"
    "Indian culture positions livestock as part of their family and raise them as a member of the family. Therefore, the question of cruelty does not arise at all… This entire episode is a misinformation campaign and an attempt to break the Indian dairy industry, which is self-sufficient and thereby saves the country from the trouble of importing milk and milk products, and render unemployed 10 crore people who are relying on it. The move appears to have been prompted by various foreign companies,"

    PETA India's CEO Dr Manilal Valliyate said:

    "Amul has shown itself to be a bully, unable to appreciate the public's concern for animals and a business that apparently cannot change despite changing consumer trends. But no amount of bullying is going to change the fact: vegan eating is taking the world by storm".
    " How consumers were opting for plant milk and vegan foods because they do not support cruelties like male calves routinely being abandoned or killed since they cannot produce milk, want to experience better health, and are concerned about dairy's contribution to greenhouse gas, water wastage and other environmental concerns."
    "India is a nation of animal lovers, and now we can be a world leader in compassionate vegan foods too".

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    Animal welfare and animal protection agencies like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sometimes charge the milk products companies with these statements but it is not practical to accept their suggestions as it is because there are economic factors and business issues related to this. Animal husbandry is a very big industry in itself and milk and milk products are a great source of energy as food to many of us especially the people who do not take meat and fishes in their food. The basic purpose of milk generation in the animals as well as in human beings is to feed the newborn babies and even after that there is surplus milk available which can be used for other purposes and from that only the conceptualisation of the dairy industry came in existence. Another thing in this context is that to get the more yield of milk from these animals the scientific research in this area has made some chemicals and special food that increase the yield of milk in these animals and the product of milk increases. Now, if this is treated as a wrong method by genetically engineering the animals or giving them some medicines to increase the milk yield then a question can come whether it is ethical to do so.
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    We should not think of conspiracy behind everything. PETA is neither a competitor of Amul nor a business organization having a range of products. PETA is an organization that looks after whether the animals are treated ethically worldwide and when they feel something is not right with some organizations they get in touch with them and issue their own statement. They have done the same thing in this case.

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    There is no conspiracy in this as far as my knowledge goes. Nothing wrong with Amul also. In India we respect animals but at the same time, we consume animal milk also. Cow milk is treated as very pious and it will contribute a lot to the health of mankind.
    PETA is an NGO and it works for the welfare of the animals. That is why I think they have come out with some statement regarding using animal milk. When a baby is born, he/she will depend on his/her mother only for his/her food. As he grows he starts eating other foods. Can we say it is wrong. Respect animals. Treat them properly. Give food and see that they are ok. Then nothing wrong if we use the milk of these animals for our living. Plants are also having a life. So when we feel there is no problem in using plant products there is nothing wrong with using animal milk also. We should not kill and eat them.

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