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    If center allowed to procure vaccines that would happen and going.

    Over the past few weeks there has been moves and counter moves by many state governments that they are going to procure their own vaccine from abroad and that decision is unwanted because when the national vaccine program has been going on how the states can get out of the set rules and when Aadhaar has been made compulsory to register and count on the vaccines done then states going for separate would not give the right picture of vaccinated persons. So the states must desist from their moves and allow the center to its procurement duty which is believed and happen.
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    I have heard that earlier central government advised state governments to procure a required number of vaccines from the international market but the author is saying something opposite to it?
    When the central government has taken this step to stop state governments to purchase from the international market?
    I think the author will enlighten us on this topic.

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    The problem comes as to accounting for the count and record who has been given vaccine as the states does not have the mechanism.
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    Who prevented the Central government to procure vaccines? The hallmark twisting comments. It is the Central government that changed the policy and asked the State governments to do their own procuring and does their own bargaining with the vaccine companies. The companies like Pfizer and Moderna refused to deal with State governments. All this mess is due to a change of vaccine policy for inexplicable reasons.

    What the Cowin portal of GOI doing? Do not forward such silly arguments. No rationality in the policy and the supporters who make laughable arguments.

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    Previously Central government asked State governments to procure their necessary lot of vaccines through global bidding. Many state governments including AP gone for global bidding. But global vaccine companies not accepted their tenders and announced that they provide vaccines only through central government. This caused a lot of dispute and this case is going on in SC. The reason for central government to ask states to procure vaccine is that they can't supply vaccine for 18-44 category. After seeing global companies attitude, AP CM Jagan along with other state's CM's gave memorandum that Central government only has to procure vaccines and has to distribute.

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    The decision has been changed lately when the state governments have to make their own arrangements for procuring the vaccines. Initially the responsibility lay on the central government. Now the issue has been complicated because the manufacturer of the vaccines are not recognising the state governments since the earlier agreement was finalised with the central one. Our main focus is to vaccinate the entire population within the shortest possible time so that our public could be saved from the corona infection. Let it be resolved amicably without any time loss.

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    When there is an urgency and the question of the human lives is involved then why Central Govt will disallow the states for direct procurement. Only thing is some process for that is to be evolved and the modifications in the import rules and regulations are required. If the Govt machinery wants whether it is state Govt or central Govt these things can be taken up at war footing and can be expedited early. Unfortunately the Govt working whether it is state or central is always in a slow pace and it takes time in everything. We are already producing a large number of vaccines but there is a lot of controversy and confusion in its distribution. So, at the implementation stage we are very poor and bogged down by our own deficiencies. Even if we get the vaccines from outside on emergency basis, they have to be given to the people in minimum time and for that a bigger infrastructure is required. Are we having such a big infrastructure with dedicated people to handle it? That is the question which comes in the mind when we reach the execution part of all these schemes.
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    As Arafatuzzafar rightly stated, the Central Govt. itself directed State Govts. to procure vaccines for themselves so what exactly is the topic of this thread?!

    As for keeping a record mentioned in response #73311305, obviously the State Govts. will do so, considering they are paying for them. If I am not mistaken, even private hospitals can independently purchase Covidshield and Covaxin directly. They, too, will be maintaining proper records so that they would know at any given time how much stock they have to vaccinate how many people.

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    Yes. The Central government has permitted State governments to procure vaccine as per their requirement and schedule. Many states went for Global tenders. But foreign companies said that they can't give unless otherwise, the central government asks. But State governments can procure from Indian Companies Sputnik, Covaxin and covishield. All three are manufacturing in India only. They will not have any problem supplying to State governments. As mentioned by others even private hospitals can also purchase these items and use them. They have to maintain an account. What is the problem with it?
    The main problem is the availability of vaccine. The production capacities and the requirements should match. More companies should take the technology and start manufacturing. Then only we can have vaccines sufficiently. Dr Reddy already started its plant for sputnik.

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