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    Keep children away from cold food these days.

    While on one hand, we are feeling a little relieved because there is relaxation in the pace of corona, cases are already decreasing and the vaccination program is also at its pace, this time is bringing some positive feeling but it does not mean that let us start the carelessness.

    As has already been told that the third wave will also come and this time the target of this wave can be innocent children, in such a situation we have to understand that now the time is going to be more difficult and we have to take safety and protocols more seriously. In any family, when a child is a little sick, the family's glory is lost away and the whole family is sad, even we feel happy with the noise of the children.

    We may not be able to stop the coming wave, but we should always keep taking some measures at our level so that the child remains healthy. For this, keep the children away from cold food items and get the decoction, Tulsi, etc. Members of ISC are also knowledgeable and experienced, so please share your tips especially for the safety of children.
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    A very nice post by the author in form of advisory to avoid problems created by the cold food. Some people have a habit of taking cold food directly from the fridge and consuming it and children also sometimes pick up these traits from their parents. In many cases people say that once the human body is accustomed to that type of food eating then there is no problem and it does not harm the body and affect the health of a person. So far so good but the fact of the matter is that some bacteria and microbes thrive in low temperatures and in the conducive environment can always harm a person and it is very risky to consume food directly from the fridge. It is advisable to take the food only after proper heating. This not only makes them free of the microbes but makes them tastier also.
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    From the story of Vikramaditya, I have read one incident. A king announced public that everybody should contribute only one small cup of milk for a noble cause. He kept a big jar so as no one can see what is inside and who contribute, which quantity etc . People everybody came in line and pour the content from the cup they brought from house. Finally at the evening the king came out of his palace and poured the content of the jar on a statue kept in the city temple. Everybody noticed that it contains only water with slight milk color. It denotes that everybody except some loyal persons, pour only water instead of milk by thinking who is seeing him.
    Similarly everybody should follow the cautious steps received from covid alerts without thinking that this is not for us.
    The suggestion of author should also be viewed as is a common to all not to particular house children. Why I am telling this, we have instructed our children not to eat ice creams or cold water or drinks kept in refrigerator but our children going to other houses for playing seeing that those children are eating ice creams and drinking cool drinks as their parents permitting. Our children asking why such restrictions to them only.

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    We should definitely be careful about our children in the house. They should not be allowed to go out and we should not allow them to play in the open area with other children. We should give them good healthy food and see that they will not go for junk food. We have to see that their immunity levels are good. They never know what is good for them and what is not? So elderly people should take care of them and stop them every time when they do unwanted things. Keeping their hands' clean Maintaining cleanliness in the house and changing the dress etc should be done by the parents every time when there is a need.
    No doubt we should take care of the children. But keep in mind that we should also be careful as we are always in contact with them. There are no pieces of evidence that the third wave may hit children only. Anyone can get infected.

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