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    Do not involve third person in the disputes of a particular relationship.

    We all are bound by many relationships in life and due to these relationships our life is going on. Every relationship has its own value and importance, here we cannot compare the relationship with each other. Sometimes many relationships are special for us and in these relationships, we have a lot of attachment and sentimentality too. For this reason, when there is a dispute in a particular relationship, unknowingly by inviting a third person, we increase the problem for ourselves. Solve your relationship yourself as much as possible, if ever more troubled then take advice from someone who is of your interest, otherwise by discussing the problems or disputes of your relationship in front of everyone, they will not improve but will become more complicated.
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    Good and right advice from the author and I also feel that when both disputing persons have the trait and wisdom to realize that they have the ability to change their attitude to keep aside their ego for a while the matters gets settled on its own. By seeking a third party intervention the dispute persons are creating a mess out of the situation which cannot find any solution but activate more hatred. What I have seen in my personal experience that the so called mediators take sides with those who are friends and other person being their long pending enemy and thus their tips , suggestions or moves may not be as per the issue but with the vengeance of their plan to spoil the enemy. This is why we should not engage the third person. Moreover when the two persons who are in dispute remain silent for few days, they would realize who is wrong.
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    The author has provided a right solution that any dispute between the two is to settled with close talks between the two. Sometimes, it may not workout immediately and it may take some time. We need not loose patience and the issues can be further taken up after a break of some more days. If the relationship is old, it would not die so soon, the other party could have some soft corner for you at least. The issue can be discussed later on at a later date. We need not loose our patience. The best effort would be to settle the matter ourselves instead of going to the public. The deadlock can never be resolved by going through the public rather the issues may become more complicated.

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    When you can do it yourself do not involve another person to do it for you. Any dispute between the two, unless they are children, can be resolved by the aggrieved parties only and for that, all they need is to stop arguing about who is right and rather look for a solution to settle the dispute. If you involve a third person to settle your dispute with another person, the third may give certain advice which may not be liked by all the aggrieved parties. In that case, there will be no resolution and the dispute will continue. If you start discussing the disputes with everybody then everybody will try to give their suggestions and you will be puzzled. If you like suggestions of others to settle the dispute you may go for it but you should not involve them to settle any dispute.

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    That is right. A dispute between two people will be settled among themselves by sitting together and discuss openly threadbare. Both the involved persons know what is the actual dispute and if there is any communication gap that can be cleared by talking to each other. They know where to start the discussion and where to stop the same. If we invite a third person, he may not be able to understand the whole issue actually. He may understand or he may not get the complete information.
    Many middlemen will think about their personal gain also. Once they come in they will start thinking from their own angle and they may do unwanted things without telling you. He will carry words from here to there and sometimes the gap may get widened. Then you may the loser or the 2nd party may be the loser. But the middle man will never lose.
    This is one to one discussion is very important when the dispute is between the two family members. The family information should not go out to a third person.

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