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    Why do people like to go out for eating in evening hours only?

    Nowadays in many places in our country the markets are allowed to open only in the morning hours and are closed in the afternoon and the evening. So, people are doing the shopping etc in the morning hour itself. Evenings look deserted and whoever wants to eat the outside food can order and get it delivered at their doorstep. Generally people like to go out in the evening with the friends and the families and enjoy the outing and take food outside in the crowded restaurants having a lot of fun and frolic. That is right now not possible. My observation is that generally people like to go out for eating in the evening hours only. Once the pandemic situation is over that would again start but why only evening hours? We can very well go out for breakfast or lunch especially on a holiday and keep the evening free for other things. That will also help in reducing the crowd in the restaurants in the evening hours. What do the members think about this?
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    It is a valid question why people generally for dinner instead of lunch and breakfast. The reason is obvious that during the day people are involved in any economic activity (primary, secondary, tertiary sector) and they take their lunch at their place where they do their duty. But in the evening they may make a programme with their family members or friends to enjoy dinner somewhere in a good restaurant, however, during holidays people go out to have lunch also.
    But for students lunch is safer than dinner because they may bunk the class and enjoy their lunch with their friends or with special friends on a date.

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    What I feel that people want one sitting with family to eat out their choice food and tasty food at a place which is more liked and loved. Since the life is uncertain and unsecured, people realized that they must eat out what ever they like so that wants are committed and done. But during these days the center and states have strictly announced the late evening shut down and that prevents the eateries to open and serve. Even the online eateries are not allowed to distribute and supply and I have seen news videos in Hyderabad where in food delivery boys were caught and their vehicles seized for violating the norms. It is better that the house holds turn chef and try for different menus daily or else they have to order the hotel menu in the morning and keep the same for evening dinner and in that case it may become stale food also.
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    Traditionally, culturally, and historically the evening and late evening hours are ideal for party making and that is the reason why seats are not available at some good and reputed places when we do not book it in advance and just try our luck for a table for our family members or a group of friends. Right now due to the lock down these things are closed but otherwise the evening time 8-11 PM is the prime time in restaurants and hotels when one can have the fun at its apex by paying for the food and other associated items. The marriage parties and other big functions are also held during these hours and most of the people attend it conveniently. On holidays, some people prefer to go for lunch outside to avoid the evening rush in the good hotels. I have also observed one thing that if there is a restaurant which serves quality and tasty food at reasonable prices then it becomes difficult to get a seat there in the evening time. Long back when I was living in Chennai, we had to wait long to get a place in such restaurants. Some of them kept chairs outside for the people who were waiting for their turn. But if you go there in other times then usually you easily get a place to sit.
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    The main reason is that the time is in our hands. There is no urgency that we have to go to the office or we have to send our children to school. After eating out we go back home and sleep. There is no problem if you sleep an hour late also. Anyhow many people will be going to eat out on weekends. The next day will be a holiday only and they can get up late also. There may not be any works planned for the next day early morning. This is one reason people prefer going out to eat in the evenings.
    We, in our family, had the habit of going in the evening only. But sometimes we will be going in the afternoons also based on the type of food we want to have and the programme in the evening. But due to this pandemic, we have not gone out to eat for the last year. We don't know when we can go out and eat there without any hesitation. We are not even ordering food from outside.

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    Going to the restaurants with friends and family members is not a routine task so we do it according to our convenience. As many members have already said, the evening is preferred because by that time people finish their routine tasks and enjoy the time with family or friends. Unless a majority of the workforce work in various shifts, I think people will continue to go to restaurants in the evening.

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    The reason is quite simple. In the morning, people don't think about enjoy eating but getting into work for their earning. But in the evening, after the work, people think much about eating to spend their earning.
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