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    Environment is most important element- Happy Environment Day 2021


    Today is World Environment Day and the last year has taught us very well that the environment is the most important. Although I am not a good poet still, to this day I have tried to write some lines.

    The environment is not because of us,
    Rather, our existence is due to the environment.

    Don't cut trees, they are our true friends.
    Our life is possible because of the kindness of trees.

    These trees give us healthy fruits,
    Along with giving the beautiful world

    You all are longing for pure air
    Still, why don't you learn from this

    In the name of modernity and development
    don't mess with the environment

    If you want to grow then develop sustainably
    Than only, you bless your upcoming generation

    Respect this nature as you respect yourself
    protect your environment by yourself

    Happy World Environment Day 2021
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    A very happy environment day to all the members and visitors here and I wish that we do some environment friendly thing not only on this day but also make it a practice throughout the year. Our environment is our lifelong companion and if we care about it then it will reciprocate in the same supportive way but if we ruin it then it would simply extinct us from this planet. Nature is good and kind when people respect it but when we abuse it then it becomes angry and spews all adversaries on us. Respecting nature should be our primary concern and then only the human race can survive on Earth in the coming times and for that every individual has to contribute in an environment friendly way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Happy World Environment Day to all and let's be more careful so that the environment can keep us happy and smiling. We need to remember this all the time. The difficult part is instead of that we need to be reminded all the time by the concerned authorities to care for the environment. We can breathe fresh air only if there is no pollution otherwise, we can't even maintain a healthy life. Our sufferings have increased manifold because of our careless attitude towards the environment and we can only hope that there will be more awareness.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    In the context of Covid-19, we once again celebrate Environment Day. This year's celebrations are officially held in Pakistan in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Restoration (UNEP). The subject of this study is "Ecosystem Restoration". The period 2021-2031 is celebrated as the "UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration" under the slogan "Re-imagine, Recreate, Restore".

    Pakistan is one of the top five countries in the world that has suffered the most revenue losses in the last decade due to climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity loss due to human intervention. Global climate change has cost Pakistan an estimated $ 3.8 billion in losses over the past two decades. The massive afforestation that Pakistan launched in 2014, known as the 'Billion Tree Tsunami', has caught the world's attention. Similarly, the "Ecosystem Restoration Fund" was started to restore lost biodiversity. Pakistan was selected for this year's day in recognition of its involvement in the field.
    At this juncture, quoting four lines from a poem by the famous Malayalam poetess Sugathakumari Teacher and closing this.

    "Oru thai nadaam namukkammakku vendi
    Oru thai nadaam kochu makkalkku vendi
    Oru thai nadaam nooru kilkalkku vendi
    Oru thai nadaam nalla naalekku vendi"
    These lines mean:
    Let's plant a seedling for our mother
    Plant a seedling for the grandchildren
    Plant a seedling for a hundred birds
    Plant a seedling for a better tomorrow.

    A very happy environment day to all.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    Happy world environmental day to all the members of ISC. As human being, we are here on the earth due to the environmental conditions that are existing here. We all know that no other planet is having any habitation. Still, scientists are working to find a planet where we see people living. But I don't know how successful they will be.
    There is no place for us to go and settle if the conditions on earth are not suitable to live.
    So it is like our home only and it is our duty to protect it as it is a must for us. From the last year, we are noticing the problems that are being faced by many. All these are man-made only. Many of us will never care for the environment. We will not respect trees and we abuse them. We waste water we spoil the earth. We pollute the atmosphere. But earth is tolerating. If it starts showing its power we all will not be here and nobody can exist here. So on this Environmental day, I suggest all of us should take a pledge to protect the environment.

    always confident

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