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    Every time you will find one or more errors

    When we write an article or long post or a story then we usually check it before submitting. Sometimes, we check it more number of times and I am amused to tell that every time I check it, I find some errors in it. The error could be a missing comma, or an unwanted comma, or a wrong use of the article, unduly lengthy sentence, some mismatching adjective, a bad synonym, a sentence which gives an opposite meaning than intended etc etc.

    Whenever, I find such a thing, I correct it and sometimes again check the whole thing but again get some minor or even major error to correct and finally after some such revisions I give up and submit it because we cannot go on endlessly doing it as that would bring down our output considerably. Do you have such experience of correcting repeatedly?
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    It's quite interesting but I would like to say that many of those things may not be considered errors in general. For example, the use of a lengthy sentence or a mismatching adjective are actually not errors but we must avoid them. A good article should not have such things. Generally, we concentrate mainly on spelling and grammatical mistakes but nevertheless, we need to check the other things mentioned in this thread too if we wish to contribute a quality post. I appreciate the author for observing all such things while contributing to this platform and I feel, we all should do that. I also check my posts a couple of times before submitting and when I feel it looks error-free I make the final submission. Even after submission, at times I re-chek it and if required, I edit it too.

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    It is true. Many time it happens to me also. Only after 2 or 3 times rechecking only we may not find any mistakes. We will have a tendency to read very fast and sometimes we will not see the spelling. But now Grammarly is showing is some mistakes we are doing in our works and we are able to correct them. Even after that when we read letter by letter or word by word we will find some mistakes. There are some proofreaders. They read for correcting the mistakes only. If they read also sometimes they miss some mistakes.
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    Your observation is correct. Whenever I look at the content written by me, I see many mistakes in it. One good thing is that looking at the content also brings forth many new ideas.

    It happens to me too many times that I want to rewrite all my content because so many new things come out and it feels like it should have been in this particular thread.

    I think this shows that nothing is perfect, no matter how hard we try, some flaws remain.
    Which is a good thing, so that we keep moving forward in development.


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    Yes, the author is right in the sense that some mistakes remain in spite of our scrutiny. We normally try to eliminate such mistakes but paying enough attention to that situation is never possible because of numerous activities. We go through the articles at a glance and if needed, corrections are made and finally submission. This practice from my end has now been changed with my rechecking of the contents by going through the edit mode whenever it is necessary. A little care can make our contents decent free from errors.

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    Correcting mistakes is the great attitude and good trait and it is the fact that we have to submit error free and mistake free content on the internet. Obviously being the content writers we have immense responsibility to hoist right content and if we read our content again and again there is always to change or fine tune the same as we feel the content lacks the attraction ingredient which ought to be present. But I always have a eye on having the best headline so that it not only conveys my intentions of the content and the reasons it was raised but should enhance the reader with enriched knowledge.
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    That is all too common. No matter what you write, if it has at least one page, it will not be able to find even big mistakes even if read it many times by the person who wrote. The main reason for this is that reading is automatic as long as the writer keeps in mind what is he has written, and even if the letters are lacking, they will be read without recognition of the letters not there. That is why, in the printing presses, a well-paid person is appointed as a proofreader. He would stop after every word and read without leaving a single letter in any word as if he had no emotion. That is exactly where the correction takes place. Typos and punctuation mistakes can be found if there are any, in the text. But the mysterious mistakes that everyone makes often go unnoticed over time. Until those mistakes are discovered, the wrong person will be on the good list of everybody.
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    I also agree with the author, it is often experienced with me in articles that after checking, again and again, a new error appears. But we also learn a lot of new words and find them interesting. In fact, it is quite common for many of us after all no one is perfect but we try to be perfect by checking it again and again. When we write we do to think about grammar and synonyms, we just change our thoughts into words, and when we read it then only we notice other important factors that useful for writing.

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