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This thread is the co-winner of a special prize in the topic-based TOW contest for May '21.
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    Incommunicado about right and wrong.

    In today's world, things seem to be topsy-turvy and sometimes, it happens to me that I get confused about the demarcation between right and wrong. Although what is right or wrong is perspicuous, yet some elements have successfully muddled them up that a common fellow gets confused to differentiate between them. The Villianisation of a hero is the forte of such elements. It shocks me when I see great people who were considered as great and historical people are demonised now by cheap elements. How disgusting these activities are but who can dare to stop them from villainization or demonization - even if someone dares he must be sure enough of receiving Shock and Awe as repercussions. When something becomes new normal on different levels, e.g. propagating a lie so many times that it changes into truth, then people begin to embrace such new normal without using their reasoning power. I see many truthful people are scared of saying wrong as wrong and right as right, in such a situation incommunicado is the best way to cope with this new normal.

    (My entry for the TOW contest)
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    Truth is always a truth only. It is not possible to make it a lie. But if we hide the truth and try to spread lies, for some time it will spread but some time later the truth will come out.
    Great persons who did excellent service to the nation can't be ignored and we should respect them. They might have done some mistakes also. But those days the other constructive works will cover the mistakes, But over a period of time people who lost because of those small mistakes may try to surface them. But one should bother about them and we should respect the great people for their great works.
    A good thread from the author and he narrated the information very nicely.

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    Unfortunately we are living in this world in which the so called God man living amidst us and we know their overtures and hype but we are not able to stop their wrong things. The so called self disciplined God man who amass wealth and live the lavish style of life never caught as long as their disciples are fine and going. One dissent devotee is enough to spoil the entire reputation of such persons and their dirty linen is exposed in the public. We have seen many God man having acres of lands donated by the devotees and they also have the political patronage as the leaders keep visiting them. I remember God man who was so close to Indira Gandhi those days and used to have free access to her office and home without stopping by security. As long as we do not expose their right and wrong, these people would make hay while sun shines.
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    Some personalities, who have been magnified by many people, become bad people when some mystery is uncovered. Why? Those who walk in with good spots on the outside will often go everywhere as good for a while with their cunning. But over time, the lies of these people come to light and prove that they are worse than other ordinary people. There is another lesson to this. There are also some dirty games aimed at making some good performers and fabricating false stories. So at least for a while, they may be able to portray the target as ugly. But it often does not last long. The author points out these two stages. That said, it can be very difficult to tell what is right and what is wrong. It is in such situations that the good are portrayed as bad people and the ugly as very good. Only in time will they be freed from the cloak of good or bad that has wrapped around them, or that has been attributed to them by the public.
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    When you are in a situation where it is difficult to say the right thing as right and the wrong one as wrong then remaining incommunicado may be the best option. It is true that forcefully a lie is spread as true and vice-versa but they cannot be hidden for long. A time will come and then people will automatically realize which one is true and which one is a lie. One may not say openly when something is wrong or right for various reasons but our actions should also match that. If we do not say anything but silently work in a particular direction to agree or disagree then it can create further trouble.

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