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    Right after the break don't lose your concentration

    A set batsman who was scoring really well was out on the very first over after the lunch break. This is not so uncommon but we wished the batsman to score more runs post-lunch. While lunch or a tea break is essential during test matches, in our lives too, a break is essential which helps to lessen the monotony. It also helps to freshen our mind so that we can concentrate in a better way after that. But if the feeling of the environment of the break period lingers in our mind it can create troubles also. At times, we wish the break should have continued for more and that's all which creates the hurdle. Getting swayed by such feelings in every situation create some problems in our life. The main problem starts with the lack of concentration on what we are doing or supposed to do after the break and the consequences are felt in things attached to that work. A break is a good idea but how to regain concentration right after the break is equally important. Don't be over-enthusiastic since you are resuming the usual activities after a break, rather be watchful and firm so that the concentration is not lost.

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    That is right. After the break when we start our work again our mind should not think about what we did during the break. We should be able to shift our attention from the activity during the break to the work we have to do within no time. Then only we can maintain the spirit and tempo that we are maintaining before the break. It is better to take a rest during the break without changing our mind set from the main activity we have to do after the break. A player wants more rest and he thinks about that, his mindset will change and can't concentrate on the game. There and then the problem starts.
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    Nice observation from the author connecting to the tow topic that right concentration is must even after failures and breakdown we should not loose the confidence which plays the major role in bring us to the normal. Today only I saw a major accident where in a buffalo was hard hit by the car and those who were following from behind had the narrow escape of falling topple down one after other. After seeing that accident my concentration to drive the scooter further has lost because the buffalo was pregnant and the gory accident has taken two lives. Not only me many stopped their vehicle for a while and then proceeded to the destination as there was total chaos on the road adding to that the will power to further drive was not forth coming. No matter brakes should not let our concentration and confidence low and asking.
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    The purpose of the break is to change the mind and give a break to the monotony of working same thing again and again and refresh the mind by taking a small walk in the corridor or lawn or even the staircases if nothing else is available within the working premises. A break in work can also give an opportunity to stretch oneself and move here and there for a few minutes to keep the body in a good shape and avoid all that stiffness of muscles and ligaments which comes due to the stagnant physical postures. So, break is a very important time gap for all of us and we must utilise it for our freshening of the mind as well as keeping a fit body.

    At the same time break is not to be confused with the end of the task or getting distracted to other things. It is a small time gap to rejuvenate oneself to come back to the working desk or production platform whatever the case may be and take up the task at the point where we left it just before the break. Break gives us an empowerment to continue our job with more energy and vigour.

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