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Here's a challenge for our creative members- to submit a story using word pairs. Closing date is 12th June 2021.
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    Word pair creative story writing challenge

    Last month, you gave some interesting word pairs . Let's bring out your creative writing skills with some of those word pairs (cc will be awarded to the selected ones).

    What you have to do: Given below are word pairs in Groups. You have to write a creative story using- (i)one word pair from each of the first three groups. That is, one from Group A, one from Group B, and one from Group C; and also (ii) one word pair from Group D must be used in the opening sentence and the other one in the closing sentence (you can select which one to use where, opening or closing).

    Thus, altogether, you will be using five word pairs. You can write in any genre, but do try to be unique and not write the usual stories that have been doing the round of previous contests (orphans, illnesses, etc). Include humor, mystery, etc, and think out of the box. A hint- note how the word pairs have been grouped to get some help in piecing together the story.

    Group A-Things that can be used in the story: Wooden chair, Chair car, Chair lift, Calling bell.
    Group B- Word pairs that involve some kind of movement: Rocking chair, Wobbly chair, Bullet train, Turn around.
    Group C- An ambience to create in the story: Turning point, Quiet conversation, Quiet atmosphere, Last turn.
    Group D-General: Quiet down, Complete turnabout.

    1. A member can submit only one entry and it should be in English. There is no need to give any title. Submit your entry in a response to this thread itself, not exceeding 400 words (it is permitted to add one or max two words over the limit if you just have to add something to give a neat finish!).
    2. Each selected word pair can be used more than once in the story, but you cannot use more than one word pair from a Group. For example, if you select calling bell, you can use it two-three times, but then you cannot use wooden chair in the story.
    3. The word pair must be used as a pair, and not separately. For example, if you select wooden chair from Group A, then you cannot use the word wooden in one place in the text and the word chair somewhere else. However, you can use words before and after the word pair, adjectives or singular/plural format, etc in an appropriate manner (e.g. The colurful wooden chairs were stacked neatly in a corner.) You can also use the word pairs in an appropriate grammatical format (e.g. instead of turn around, you can put turned around).
    4. You can correct spelling, grammar, and typo errors at any time before the closing of the contest, but do not change the core theme of the story.

    The rewards: Rs.100/- for the best stories (maximum three). Rs.75/- for the second-best stories (maximum two). Consolation prizes may be given and other entries may also be awarded cash credits based on quality.

    Closing date: 12th June 2021.

    If you require any clarifications, you may submit your queries in a response to this thread itself.
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    I have a query:
    May I use any other word pair from the rest of the three groups along with a word pair from Group D in the introductory and concluding sentence? Please confirm.


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    'Don't try to quiet down', he almost shouted. Rekha was shocked. She never expected him to react in that manner. 'Easy Rahul, cool', she tried to pacify him. 'What did I say that raised your temper?'

    Without waiting for his response she walked away and sat on the rocking chair next to the fireplace. Rahul stood staring out of the window for a moment and turned around to see Rekha wiping her eyes. He felt bad. He slowly moved towards her and put his hands over her shoulder. 'I am sorry', he whispered in her ear. The quiet atmosphere was disrupted in between by the crackling sound of the woods burning in the fireplace.

    She then slowly got up and took hold of his hands. 'Rahul, we have been together for twenty years today but don't you feel there are areas where we are yet to understand each other?' He smiled, looking into her eyes. 'Rekha, don't you think it is those areas that are still keeping us together? I feel that it is those areas that are filling our life with energy. It is those unknown facets and the unexpected reactions that make us feel that every other moment is new in our life? Our life would have been so boring if we had left no areas unexplored in our journey together'. She just nodded and smiled.

    As they were walking to the kitchen holding their hands, Rahul said, 'Rekha, you know very well why I got angry suddenly'. She looked at him as if looking for the emotion on his face and said, 'I know that it does not bother you but I can't help asking you the question even when I know that I should not be doing so. Might be I am still feeling the pinch that we have no children'.

    Both of them stood looking at each other. Rahul drew her closer to him and said, 'It has been twenty years now and we should not be nurturing such worries now. If you still feel that you would find some solace by asking me the question again, I won't stop you. And, I promise, I won't even get angry. Fine?'

    The complete turn about in his mood made her happy and she wished him a happy anniversary once again but skillfully slipped away from his hands as he was about to hug her.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    “Quiet down! Why are you two sisters arguing with each other?" Kapil shouts from the door as soon as he reaches home from the office.

    Then the youngest girl Aadya, who is appearing for her tenth examination, smiled and jovially said, “Papa, we're not politicians! We're discussing and not arguing." Hearing this, Kapil smiles softly and says politely “you little artful dodger, go and ask your mom to turn on the geyser, I want to freshen up."

    During dinner, Kapil asks his elder daughter Yashika, “This is your last year of college, so what are your plans after that?"

    Yashika replies “Papa, I want to become a writer for which I have started writ—" Kapil interrupted Yashika in the middle and said, “Look, there is no career in writing, just prepare for some clerical government job." Hearing this, she leaves half the meal and goes towards her room, and a little annoyed she says that “Papa! It is difficult to get a government job and the government itself has asked to become self-reliant."

    After having food, Kapil sits on his rocking chair like every day and keeps thinking in his mind that what will these girls do in their life? After some time his wife Mira brings milk for him and herself and asks “What are you thinking?"

    Kapil insists that “You don't care about your daughters, what will they do in life?" Mira smiles and says “Don't worry, both girls are smart cookies." Mira adds, “You should have a quiet conversation with them so that they can understand your idea better."

    Kapil nodded yes and said, “You are right, I will talk to her calmly this Sunday about her future."

    On Sunday morning the courier boy rings the calling bell of Kapil's flat. He opens the door and takes a courier from him and on opening it he finds that there is a cheque of Rs 50000 in it. Reading the note lying near the cheque, he came to know that his elder daughter had earned this money by writing articles on her blog. He remembers that Yashika was probably going to mention this that night. He is proud of his daughter's achievement. Now he is not worried about her career but wants to inspire her more.

    Within a few moments, there was a complete turnabout in Kapil's thinking and attitude towards his daughter's career.


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    The rules are clear.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    The Bullet train is going at a high speed and Mohan is sitting quiet down in the AC chair car compartment viewing the outside nature through the window glasses. He started his journey in the morning and as it is a day journey, he opted for an AC Chair car in that Bullet train.

    it is a quiet atmosphere without any sounds or disturbances in the morning. The train stopped in a station and some people got down and some others get into. The train restarted. Mohan's thoughts went philosophical. He started thinking about life. We will come alone here and go back alone. Our life is also like a train journey. Many will be getting into the compartment and we may have some interaction and once their stop comes, they will get down. We may not meet them again in our life.

    Mohan, somebody is calling him. He heard the voice and come out of his thoughts. Hai, Vishnu, how are you. Mohan recognised the other person., Vishnu came and sat in the side seat of Mohan. Vishnu and Mohan were from the same village. Mohan was from a well to do family and started his own business. Vishnu was from a middle-class family and struggled a lot for completing his studies and left that place in search of a job.

    Mohan said," Vishnu, we are meeting after a long time. What are you doing?" Vishnu started telling. After leaving his native place he searched for a job in various companies in the city and somehow managed to get a job in a small private company. Vishnu devoted his complete time and energy to do the best and never did anything against the organisation and was in the good books of the owner. The owner is having a daughter and she was coming to the office once in a while. She was in love with him and that has brought a complete change in his life. The lady got a green signal from her father and married Vishnu. This has made him a partner in the business and his financial status was completely changed.

    Mohan congratulated Vishnu for his achievements in his career and explained about his business. Both of them came to know that they both are travelling to the State capital to attend a business meeting. They spent three days together.Mohan is astonished with the complete turnabout in Vishnu's life.

    always confident

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    Bullet train stopped near a station. Just then, two ladies get onto this train. Both were unknown to each other. After some time, the bullet train started to move and both ladies were sitting very near to each other. Something was going on both minds. They were thinking that we have met earlier somewhere. But, both didn't try to clear their doubt. And continuously they were seeing faces to one another. After spending 6- 7 hours, one lady went near to another lady and asked" what's your good name and where are you going? Then the second lady told that My name is Neena and I am going to Agra. Then First Lady told me that I am also going to Agra. After one hour of chatting, both cleared their address and found out that they are neighbours.
    First Lady explained that once when construction work was going on in our residential area, at that time we had met because of water and electricity-related problem. Finally, when the train stopped at the station both got down from the train and took an autorickshaw went to their home together. After that, they started to meet frequently. Both felt that Digitally, we have connected from entire world. But, we don't try to know who is living in our next door. It is the bitter truth of this modern world.

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    Quiet down, Sheena! You are going with your boyfriend to meet his family. Sheena is standing in front of a mirror and said to herself. Sheena met Ronit two months ago in a restaurant. Ronit is a decent boy who impressed Sheena with his funny talks. Though Sheena was very happy with him but sometimes she got surprised by his mysterious activity.

    They are going to Ronit's home in his car and are on the way. Suddenly, the wind blows strong and the lightning starts to shine. Sheena gets nervous and told Ronit about it. On the other hand, Ronit is quiet and looking towards Sheena with a smile. She held herself and smiles.Just then a tree falls in front of their car. She got afraid. Ronit told that my home is nearby we can walk and go. Sheena and Ronit walk on the way. Then, Sheena hears some sounds coming from a house. Then, Ronit said Sheena, this is my home. Sheena got surprised because the house looks abandoned. They reached there. Suddenly, the calling bell ring itself and the door opens. It was shocking for Sheena. But still, Ronit was cool.

    They entered the door and reach the hall. Ronit told Sheena, you stay here I call my parents. Here she saw a rocking chair that was rocking continuously. She thought might be it is because of the heavy wind. She stops the rocking chair. As she moves on again she heard the sound of the chair. But this time she ignored. Then she heard some sound coming from a room. She tries to listen to that quiet conversation. But as voices were very low she was unable to hear anything. She felt strange. Then Ronit came and told to Sheena that his parents are out of town. He should have informed them before coming.

    Ronit told her, you sit here I bring coffee for you. Then Sheena saw a bookshelf and pick an old photo album and started turns pages. She saw some very old photographs of Ronit's parents and get to know that they already died. Ronit enters the room and shouted at her and snatches the album from her hands. Suddenly, Ronit disappears into that album. Sheena starts shivering with fear and runs away from there. She still gets terrified just thinking of that night as it was a complete turnabout for her life.

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    She is deeply engrossed in her usual evening pastime when a hug from the back and a peck on her cheek leads her thought to a complete turnabout. "Granny, what are you up to?" enquires Shiva, her nineteen-year-old grandson. She smilingly confesses that she didn't hear the sound of the calling bell. "That's fine", says Shiva and adds further, "I have observed every evening you keenly watch the park. What is it so interesting to look at?" Granny's eyes brighten up, and her face glows up with a million-dollar smile. Shiva asks again when his grandma replies in her usually melodious voice, "Wish to see a repeat telecast." "Granny, explain it. You know, I don't like suspense", says Shiva.

    Grandma, sitting on her rocking chair, fondly looks at the neighbouring park once again and utters, "I wish to see a maiden and a bachelor become a couple." "What are you talking about, Granny?" Shiva asks in a confused tone. Smilingly grandma says, "You see, while people walk in the park, they exchange greetings, gradually some become friends then a few may come to know each other very deeply, and......". Shiva interrupts in between, "What's so interesting about it? How does it excite you to watch them without fail?" By now, grandma has realised that her interest and temptation of watching people walking in the park is simply meaningless to her innocent grandson. She speaks to herself that her experience of evening walk is her life's asset, so watching people walking in the park gives her pleasure, although she fails to guess what's brewing up between young people of the opposite sex. It's now a passion after the death of her husband, the love of thirty-five years. Suddenly Shiva excitedly calls, "Granny, you seem lost. Please tell me why do you love to watch people walking in the park."

    Granny then comes back to terms, and she joyfully expresses: some of the walking mates can become life partners too. "Wait a minute, Granny, did you meet grandpa in a park?" Grandma shyly nods to him. Shiva continues, "Okay, evening walk was the turning point of your life, and now watching others walking is an evening engagement. Oh! I am feeling thrilled. He pleads with grandma to say in details when Shiva's twelve-year-old sister comes running to them, and quite naturally, the conversation between granny and her grandson quiets down.


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    "We have to bring complete turnabout in our company and reassign the jobs and I am now asking you to prepare a plan with the new assignments and the list of the people to whom it is entrusted and present it in next week in the meeting. Reshuffle everyone and let it be a turning point for our company", the new boss, Naresh Kumar told Amit. Amit was not sure as what to respond. All the officers were looking to Amit who was the senior most. He nodded and told that he would work out the details and present.

    Amit used to reach home late and had only weekly holidays to share with the family. His wife had done MBA and did a job for two years before marriage but afterwards she left the job and chose to be a housewife. During dinner he shared the reshuffling issue with her and she simply smiled and told him that he could do it. Amit was intrigued as how it was possible. She told that it was simple as Amit had to prepare a chart about the employees and their interest areas and strengths and based on that only those employees would be reassigned the new duties which would be helpful in increasing the productivity of the company. Amit got the point as he himself thought so but under the spell of the new boss was getting confused.

    On the meeting day Naresh Kumar entered and sat on the special wooden chair and told, "Good morning, everyone, I have to catch the bullet train in the afternoon for the meeting with the chairman so we would not be able to take up more points today but first I will like to listen on the reshuffling." Amit looked at the sheets kept on table and explained the methodology and the reasons why some people were not changed and why some had to be changed keeping in view of the profitability and productivity of the company. Soon, boss broke his silence, "Very good Amit. You and your team has done a good work and please submit the proposal to me." There was a lot of whispering in the room and as it became noisy, boss spoke, "Quiet down and let us have this new assignment in place and we will review the progress after three months."

    Knowledge is power.

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    Hearing the calling bell, Tia ran towards to door as she knew who it could be. She asked everyone to meet upstairs on the terrace. They all went up and as they were wondering, Tia came with some refreshments and asked to them sit. She said, as you all know that it's the 50th wedding anniversary of our grandparents, I want to give them a surprise from our side, the grandchildren's way. You all know that our parents are busy and let us take the chance to make it a grand memorable day for them. So start using your brains and give your inputs.

    Shanu sat on grandpa's rocking chair while others sat on the floor. Everyone came up with some brilliant inputs and the program was fixed. Avon asked everyone to lend their hand by taking charge of the one-one activity. He distributed a task to each person as per their forte so that they could give their best to the d day. Gifts would be sponsored by the elders of the house and the other activities were the task of the grandchildren. Everyone would keep everything ready and meet directly on the anniversary day.

    As it was amidst the pandemic, it was just the family affairs and some relatives which made the count to 25 people. All of a sudden the close friend of grandpa uttered that our grandparents were very keen and good at dancing and were called the dancing divas of their time. This was the turning point of the day as it was a surprise for all the grandchildren. We all planned to make them dance and found their favorite dance number from the same uncle. Alu the host of the day, made the surprise announcement and everyone clapped for the couple while they took their stand at the center.

    It was mesmerizing to watch their moves which were hidden from everyone. Everyone gave presents, took blessings and the dinner which was ordered from outside made the way. The whole day went fast but full of happiness and love. The complete turnabout was when Grandparents as a token of their love gave Rs.10001/- to us. The 50th wedding anniversary of the senior-most person of our family was more than a day for everyone. We all want our lives to be like theirs, full of love, faith, trust, dedication, and caring for everyone.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    "Quiet down, otherwise I would definitely stab you with this dagger." She shouted at Karam, her fierceness frightened him and next moment she moved closer to him. Karam was fearful what she gonna do next moment, she was beautiful enough to be adored but her dress up and weapons hanging round her waist explains that she might be a soldier like him.

    She pushed him on the wooden chair, only furniture in that dump and abandoned area and she took out her knife, tore Karam's shirt from where he was wounded. He tried to say some words, but she put her hand over his mouth and winked at him in a way that trying to say, "stay quiet for some seconds you are completely safe with me." She took her first aid box and operated his hands like a surgeon, his hand was burning with pain but soft and swift fingers of this beautiful doctor absorbed his all pain. He was stunned to see that an enemy girl is treating him with so much care.
    Completing her job she said, "Hi I am Samayra, a military surgeon." She understood Karam's cause of worry, that she might not handover him to higher authorities and she broke quiet atmosphere by saying, "Don't worry chap, I would let you escape secretly and as soon as possible."
    Karam took a deep sigh of relief and said, "Hi miss I am Lt.Karam Singh."
    Two- three days after she planned his escape, and at the point they were about to leave each other she told, "Don't forget to write me about you."
    Karam reached his own nation after completing all formalities and then they both used to write each other on a regular basis. Their tragic meeting turned into friendship and by time this friendship turned into a loyal love. Karam decided to marry her but marrying an enemy girl for an army officer is shameful but he told everybody one day in firm resolution that, "two countries can be enemy, but these boundaries can divide us not our hearts, I would definitely marry my Samayra."

    It's all had happened past twenty years ago and he is sitting on similar wobbly chair, recollecting his old experiences and hurdles which he faced in love with Samayra, and Samayra broke silence of the room, she is having first aid box, to treat his knee which he got injured while he is jogging. Once again her soft toch absorbed his pain, and Karam said, "Marrying you would completely turnabout all perceptions and we proved that enemies can also be good friends," Samayra once again winked at him and hugged him, probably trying to say, "Don't worry chap, you are in the safest zone with me."

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    Raj wanted a way out of everyday hustle-bustle, and thus, he decided to take things into his hands so that he can completely turnabout his present life. It wasn't easy for him to decide. His head and heart conflicted and confused him. Finally, he listened to his heart and decided to quit his job.

    The day arrived, and Raj took a train to Kalka. He feared for the decision he made. He wasn't sure of his actions. However, he knew that he could not undo what he has done. Thus, he cannot afford to turn around now. Amidst all these conversations which were going on in his head, he fell asleep. Early morning he arrived at Kalka. The moment he stepped outside, he felt a breeze of fresh air, and his heart consoled him that he had made the right decision. From there, he took a toy train, and he promised himself that he would live a cosy life just like the train he is sitting on.

    He reached Shimla, and from there, he boarded a bus to Theog. The whole journey was breathtaking. Although he could have stayed in Shimla, he craved the quiet atmosphere and hence, Theog was his destination. He reached his guest house. It was a homestay arranged by a Himachali family. The stay, the food, the behaviour of the host family who was ever ready on their toes to make him as comfortable as he wished to be and the rest of the arrangements was perfect. The town wasn't the one with malls and equipped with modern-day amenities, Raj never wanted any of these.

    Raj lived in Delhi. He worked in an MNC for the past 5 years. He never wanted to study engineering nor wanted to work for companies. He was always inclined towards literature and wanted to spend as much time reading and writing as possible. Everything had kept him away from pursuing what he really wanted. Finally, he was fulfilling his dream.

    The balcony of his room opened towards breathtaking snow-capped mountains, and the greenery around his guest house made him forget the other things. Everything inspired him to carry on his dream forward, and he spent most of his time reading great literary books and penned down his thoughts sitting in the wooden chair in his balcony in the quiet down ambience of gifted Theog.

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    Quite down is essential for me once I wake up to plan for my day activities. Hence, I usually watch videos of my daughter's joyful coffee drinking when she was a child and showing me the sticky coffee foams around her mouth as her moustache and beard. This is how my day starts. Every day around 6.30 a.m., my newspaper man rings the calling bell to notify me that he has delivered the newspaper to the portico.
    I have the habit of meditating for about 20-minutes a day. This is the way developed by me to synchronise my mind and body. I prefer sitting on a teak rocking chair to isolate my body from the ground while listening to inspirational instrumental music. My body movement will be in such a way that it is synchronized with the frequency and amplitude of the music. This method also allows me to have a very good bowel movement before beginning my morning routine.
    As usual, I wanted a cup of coffee and asked Ramya to get me one. Bala, my new housekeeper, arrived within five minutes and humbly informed me that the one I requested was not in the fridge. I told him that I had asked for hot coffee and not cold coffee from the fridge, and guided him to the location of the sugar, coffee powder, and milk to prepare the coffee. He was embarrassed and bowed his head, telling me that as if I had asked for a rum drink. He misunderstood the earlier house keeper, Ramya's name as rum.
    Then I asked him to sit closer to me and had a quiet conversation with him about my habits, lifestyle and my discipline, and expectations of him. And I admitted that Ramya might have briefed him or I myself might have done it. Further, to make him normal, I told him that even if you searched for a day, you would not get rum in this house, since I don't have the practice of drinking it. He laughed and started his routine work.
    I took him to the airport to meet my wife. I showed him the plane's landing while we were on the road. He missed out while I was meeting my wife, and after chasing him, he said he went to watch the plane's take off. Complete turnabout and let us go home!

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    A wooden chair, a wooden rocking chair, O yes I remember it with that old lady but a very vague picture emerges in front of me whenever I think about it. The old lady with the big bungalow, living near the big old tree, in a quiet atmosphere but with the eerie silence. And all sort of horror stories made up around her and how she killed her husband.
    Everyone was so afraid to go there, but I was so fascinated by her chair though I did fear the stories I still liked to have a look at that chair and often passed by their looking at it from some distance and fascinated by it.
    I might have been in class 5th and during the summer holidays, I was riding my bicycle near her bungalow silently admiring the chair and thinking about having that chair someday.
    When suddenly few elder kids from my school who used to bully everyone came behind me and pushed my bicycle towards the gate of the bungalow the bicycle took a complete turnabout and I fell inside the gate which was open that day, shouting go-go be the meal of the old lady they were shouting, but when I felt inside they all just ran away. Not able to stand and trembling with fear. I put my whole energy into standing up, but when I saw the old lady coming near me I just lost my consciousness. And when I woke up I was in that chair that beautiful hanging chair, It was like a dream come true. Then I realised where I was and the thought made me shiver that I will be her meal today, but the old lady came near me offered me a glass of juice which I thought poison and didn't drink.
    The lady said don't worry it is not poison drink it I had a grandchild of your age who lives in Australia, It has been years since he came home, I saw him when he was 4 years old. I hope one day when he returned you too will be friends. My thoughts were suddenly diverted hearing a new country's name and I got excited and looking at her face the old lady looked so normal. And later it became my habit to pass by her bungalow talking to her, but her grandson never returned.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    "Hey! How dare you beat me?" Naina shouted at her Kiara, her younger sister. They both kept on fighting for their little doll. Suddenly, they are disrupted by their father's voice, "Quiet down, both!". After shouting at his children, Rahul went and sat down on his rocking chair. His thoughts went beyond the years.
    He was waiting for his love interest Neha to propose his love towards her. When she arrived, he couldn't do that fearing that his proposal might affect their friendship. He dropped the plan and decided to move on.
    The sound of calling bell brought back Rahul to the present. He went to the door to welcome his wife. But it wasn't her wife Priya. He was really shocked to see Neha there. Anyhow, he welcomed her in and offered a drink. Both shared a quiet conversation. Finally Neha broke down the silence by informing him about her daughter's marriage. They both at last had a good conversation after years.
    When Neha was about to leave, Priya arrived there. They all had a chitchat about their college days as all the three studied in the same college. Then Neha left, leaving Rahul to have a complete turnabout in his mind for feeling guilty for the past few years.

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