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    How substantial is it to ask the right questions?

    Sometimes we overlook the implications of asking the right questions just to get answers. It has been seen that the answer always lies in the right questions and if the question itself is wrong then its answer is also bound to be wrong. Right questions are like a burning torch, following which it becomes easy to reach the answer.

    On the other hand, questions asked only in the desire to get answers often give us trouble and temporary solutions.

    For example, Seeing a painter's painting, the first question to paint like him would be that how to do such a painting? Which is the perfect question for the moment.

    His drawing can be copied by taking tracing paper. With which we can do that painting in a very short time, which would have taken that painter many years to do. But this technique will not work forever. The truth is that copying means he doesn't know how to paint.

    If one wants to be a good painter then the right questions would be something like this. Do I want to be a painter or am I just doing this to impress people? What do I need to know first to become a painter? Many such right questions will make their way to the right solution.

    This applies in every area, if we want a sustainable solution, then our questions should also be right.

    Why do you think that the right questions not only save our energy from being wasted but also provide the right direction to that energy?

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    Whether it is asking a question or giving an answer to the question asked by someone, the communication between the two is very important. One should be able to convey properly with the correct wording. Many times a communication gap may come.
    The question should be framed in such a way that as an answer to that question, the information you are expecting will be coming to you. Then only one can say that they placed their doubt correctly. Even when we read a question paper if we fail to understand the question properly we can't answer that question correctly. Framing a question is very important.

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    After reading this post connecting to the tow topic my thoughts went to a recent news that IIT Goa has asked its students to formulate their own question paper and answer them. That seems to be interesting as the students need to understand the whole classes without miss and also the the course to the hilt, otherwise they cannot formulate questions and then seek answers to it. So what the author has been insisting is to ask for right question so that the right answer emanates from the opposite person. And those who ask the right question must know the short and long answer for it so that it can be easy to convince the opposite person to some extent. Some have the knack of asking more than one question in their single question posture and that would be interesting to answer as we may forget some answer and that would bring bad marks to us.
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    @K Mohan yes, It would be very interesting what kind of questions the students would ask? What kind of question or challenge the students have given themselves, which will show how deeply they know the answer or not.

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    You may think a question is right at a particular moment but others may not think it in the same way. For example, politicians will always try to tactfully answer the questions so that their personal and political agenda remains intact. Now if we talk about examination, certainly at the primary level students will be given full marks if the question and the choice of answers given for that question don't match. If you wish to ask a question to someone ask what you intend to ask, do not ask just for the sake of asking something. If a question has an answer then it's the right question and if it doesn't have an answer then either people are still not aware of it or the question itself is not asked in the correct way.

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    Absolutely agree with the author, if we want to find the right answer or solution then we have to ask the right question first then only we can expect the right response. Asking a question is not just a simple process but it contains many elements that are the aim of that question. One should always remember the question should be found right not only for you but for the person to whom you are asking and who will be going to giving you the answer o that particular quetion.

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    The author points out that misguided questions can lose the energy of the questioner, which may be true in some cases. But most people are in the habit of asking unnecessary questions. They will come up with a question about who they see and what they see. Whatever the answer to that is, it does not affect them. It's just that it will be an oral exercise for respondents. But if the question is asked correctly, if the questioner gets a positive thought from the answer. If it does something useful to the person asking, it will have a positive result. If the questions are clear and clean, the answer will be clear, so there will be some benefit. But the routine of asking something when you see someone leads them to a question that many do not need. Such routines should be avoided. Isn't a good laugh enough to acknowledge that you saw them?
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