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    Learning from seniors - 2

    A business man approached once Mr.Kannadasan, a famous Tamil poet amidst his talking that to advise his son who is very adamant in studying Tamil Literature but he wanted him to become a lawyer. Though the businessman explained his son the benefits of studying law, his son was very much fond of studying Tamil literature. But the poet replied the friend,'Leave him in his own way. This is good according to him as per his inner sense. A sheep can eat only leaves, cow eats hay stock,oil cakes, Monkey eats fruits. But we cannot insist a monkey to eat oil cakes. If we insist so the reaction will vary. Similar to this let him study as he please and let him come up with brightness'.
    Though this was happened many years back, the saying is applicable to our present parents also.
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    Most of the parents force their ideas of making a career on the children without bothering for the liking or interest of the children. This sometimes create a feeling of escapism in the child because due the parents fear though they agree to study in that line but actually their minds will not be in that discipline as forced on them by the parents. It is imperative that parents should try to find out and understand what the choice of the child is and then push him in that direction only and in all probability he or she will do good in that line where the interests lie. Many parents nowadays are considering this aspect.
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    Everyone has a personality that is different from others. The most important thing is how a person can grow and flourish according to his/her characteristics.

    Just as the right work at the right time is important, in the same way every person has his way of doing any work. Every person has his perspective which no one else can know better than him.

    In the family also we need to know from the children that in which field they are willing to work with their whole heart and we should support them as their guardian instead of imposing our views on them.


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    It is true that learning from seniors would get us immense knowledge and courage because their expereince tells so and that is true and happening too. The happening cited by author is true. Many parents fail to understand the child and liking and keep on harping to listen to them and pursue such goals as envisaged by parents. On our part we never interfered nor asked our child to do this or that. They kept on doing their studies and kept on interest in the subject and thus they excelled as the best on par and improvised year after year. One thing is sure we cannot force the children to take the course what we want. They must be prepared to accept the new challenges and new studies to which basic knowledge need to be there. Moulding the children is the great trait in every parent to which they should not keep quiet but guide them through the life.
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    The author is quite right. Unfortunately, the parents are deciding what the children should learn. But the main reason for this move is that neither the mother nor the father understands that during the 10 years of learning (since all children from kindergarten to standard 10 are the same subjects) their tastes are formed and developed in each child. To understand that, the child's learning needs to be monitored. Similarly, parents do not have a clear understanding of the quality of education. When the progress card is brought in, many people follow the custom of simply signing after checking there any note in red ink and giving the child a common discipline and signing it and returning it immediately. The most interesting thing is their reaction to it. They are all busy. Many parents are ruining their child's future by forcing him to study a subject that the child does not like.
    But now it is clear from some of the reactions that this thought has come a little less.

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    This is right. Parents should never insist their children do what the parents like. The children's interest is paramount here. I and my wife wanted my elder son to learn music. He sings well. But he said that he has no interest in it. We left it. After his B.Tech I asked him to go for his M.Tech. But he said that he will go for a job and he got selection in campus interviews and joined. The same is the case with the second son also. Even the college also they have only chosen. They did well and now settled well.
    The interest of the individual is more important. There is a saying which says that you can take a horse to a tank but you can't make it to drink. All elders should understand this and give liberty to them to chose their education path and career path. But we should not leave them. We should be observing them and advising them at any time if we feel that they are going in the wrong direction.

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