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    Is there a right way to do things?

    I wonder what is the right way to do something. If there is a right way to do things at all. Say, a debate is going on and a person slaps you for proving him wrong. You get shocked but don't reciprocate the gesture. Of course, what the other person did was wrong. But what you did may not be considered right by everyone, even if it was morally right. Someone would say that giving the other person the taste of his own medicine would have been the right thing to do. Someone would say if not a slap, a good verbal lesson to the other person would have been the right thing to do. Because people like them need to be taught, to be stopped from doing the wrong thing and to teach them to not do the wrong thing is the right thing to do. There would also be some people who would appreciate you for doing the morally right thing that you did.

    I think the right thing that we do solely depends on our perception of the right thing to do in the moment. Yes, perception. What we feel is right, we do that even if it is questionable in the eyes of others. Our right thing gets influenced by our circumstances too. We analyse them all and then act, sometimes morally, sometimes immorally.

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    For any work there is short cut and and right way to approach. Elders used to say that there is no substitue for right way and that always sustains and pay. In this regard I appreciate the Google maps as they show the right way and not the short cut way to the destination, and even if we insist the driver or the app will not allow the driver proceed through the short cut. By the way I appreciate the author for connecting this view point wonderfully through the tow topic and that is very interesting. Be on right way because we need not fool any one or search for any excuse as the truth fails.
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    Right and wrong is the perception of the individual. Gandhiji felt showing the second side when he received a slap on one side is the correct thing. But some leaders feel that tit for tat is the correct policy. So to be more precise, without harming others if we conduct ourselves it will be the right path only. There may be many ways to perform a particular task. While doing that if somebody is suffering or losing, we can say that the path we are following is not right. As mentioned by the author what we think as right may be treated as wrong by some others.
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    Welcome back to ISC.
    It is a conjectural situation that appears to be unfeasible that somebody may slap if proven wrong in debate. However, if both sides hurl infra dig comments against each other, in this situation more powerful or short-tempered or highly haughty may slap another person.
    Everybody has his criterion to prove what is right and what is wrong. Something right in my eyes, maybe wrong in your eyes. Everything can not be right or wrong in everybody's eyes.
    The essence of the discussion is the transmission of knowledge but this essence has lost significance to victory at any cost.

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    It is true that right and wrong are perceived by us depending upon the situation and context. Still, I believe that there always exists an absolute right and I also believe that if possible we should strive for that. We forget this fact in the frenzy of anger and revenge and act in an immature way. Once that phase has gone we realise that we were under the spell of those evils which force people to do something that is not desired. If someone offend us we must protect ourselves and find out the reason of his anger and try to resolve that but simply answering an unknown and unexpected offence with another blind offence from our side would not provide a permanent solution to the basic problem from where the conflict erupted.
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    When you are sitting, you need to maintain the right posture. Otherwise, there may be some health complications. One has to eat the right food too for maintaining good health. Likewise, there may be a lot of processes to do a job. Some are quite simple and some may be a bit complex. Depending on many factors we choose the process. The author has given the example of one such thing where controlling emotions play a very important role. When we are unable to control our emotions, we cannot differentiate between right and wrong because during that time we lose our sense of presence. When the job involves emotions, at times people are unable to control them and that's why some may say it right and others say it is wrong. For any debate, we have to maintain the right decorum.

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    I am a believer that not just goal but means also should right. Hence I would say that one should do right things in the right way. Alternatively,or as a corollary I also believe that when we do things in the right way they will become right almost all times.

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    It has its way of doing everything. But everyone needs and prefers easy ways and shortcuts. All shortcuts are the path of iniquity. There are also situations where it is not possible to go the right way. The main reason for this is that much of what we have done first is through shortcuts. So if you want to get things done in the right way, you have to make sure that the basics you have done in the first phase are with no shortcuts. To ensure that, the former one is sometimes demolished and a new straight line has to be created. Given its difficulty, most people would not dare to make such an effort. Then you have to find the next shortcut on and over the existing shortcut. Thus, life as a whole will be celebrated with easy ways and shortcuts. No one should expect anything straight from such people. Moreover, no good deed.
    But, paradoxically, such people will be at the forefront as the leaders of the awareness classes and seminars on how to create righteousness and how to do things right.

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