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    A right and honest path can bring glory in one's life

    In our lives many situations come where we find ourselves standing on a crossroad. At one side we have ethical feelings of doing right and correct things and at the other side we have worldly greeds and selfish interests. If we take the right path and follow the honest route then we have apprehensions that we may not have the materialistic and wordily gains which we might had if we had taken the wrong and fraudulent path by doing things in a dishonest and cunning ways, rather say by cheating the other people in the society. It is said that the devil is always standing in our back provoking us to do wrong things to earn money, material, and worldly pleasures by wrong means. Only people who have strong convictions and character can ignore the voice of the devil and do things in a correct way benefiting the whole society and ultimately that person also reaps the same. In long run only honesty and righteous paths bring reputation, respect, and honour to an individual and it will also provide a calm, quiet, and peaceful life to the person. These people can attain a very divine state of the mind and they will be able to motivate and direct the society in a very powerful manner. A leader who has these qualities can win the hearts of his followers in general and other people in particular. Following a right and honest path in ones life has its own glory. We must ponder in our lives about this aspect of following a right path and inspire and motivate others for the same.

    This is my entry for the TOW month end contest on the topic - Right.
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    If you are honest and right there cannot be any discrepency nor anybody can pass remarks. Right and honest path the legacy passed by our elders and other good persons met in our life. If we have good friends and good followers, we cannot go wrong and everything would be systematic and sure. That is why in those days they used to ask, name your freinds and we will know who are you. And we should listen to discourse of those who give the honest and right insipirations talks through which we try to know the inner meaning of life and existency. Those who are right and honest does not have the time to say false or fool others. One thing is sure, when you are honest the glory and pride factor would come calling and there cannot be any set back. There are people around you to spoil your honest and right approach to which we should not bow down.
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    The right path is very difficult to follow. To be honest, is also very difficult. But people who follow the right path honestly will be remembered forever. But when see some people who are prospering by following shortcuts we will get tempted. There only our mental stability comes into action. If we are mentally strong we will not go on a path which we feel is wrong. Some people may overtake us by going on the wrong path we will continue our journey on the right path only. But mentally weak people may follow the people who are overtaking them.
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    Right path is always difficult to be treaded whereas wrong is charming. This is a tough examination of a person what he should choose - right path or wrong path.
    Superficially right path is full of visible thorns but these thorns being rootless are easily removed if someone remains steadfast on right path with conviction and commitment.
    On the other side wring path entice traveller. It looks beautiful and easy to ton travel but at the end of the day it carries to humiliation and destruction.

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    The honest and right way is full of stones and thorns, and it is narrow and difficult. But who chooses such a path when there is a very wide and smooth road with no difficulties? That is why everyone wants to travel along the wide road, see all the sights and enjoy all the comforts. Wealth can be gained by following that path, many people will respect him due to his earnings and facilities. Then everything you need to celebrate this worldly life will come automatically.

    Therefore, the number of travelers on that route will be much higher. As mentioned earlier, the steep and rocky path can be traversed only by those who are broad-minded and who are not interested in large-scale worldly amenities. Satan pulls back, as the author points out, but he controls his mind and thoughts and steps forward with each step. The temptation is to point out the great conveniences on the other path and ask you why you are going ahead with these so many troubles. Only those who have the mental capacity to overcome all these can continue the journey along that path. Many who have embarked on this journey will succumb to the temptations mentioned above and move on to a wider path to receive many. That, in turn, will further entice travelers.

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    In this materialistic world, following right path is the most cumbersome task as we are frequently allured by the worldly gains. Its very difficult to stay tuned and move towards success without deviating or without following the wrong ways. But as it's always said that nothing is impossible, similarly if we are strict towards our schedule and have proper ethics then it's possible.

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    The author is absolutely right, Aaright and the honest path is the most appropriate, both greed and selfishness are harmful to the human mind. In today's materialistic and modern world, sometimes even a good and honest person loses his restraint and takes the wrong path. When we live life with the right values, then we remain respectable in our own eyes, because life becomes very difficult after falling in our own eyes. When we understand the importance of the fact that we should maintain our self-esteem even in front of ourselves, then we should always follow the right things.

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    It's true and that glory is not materialistic glory alone. When there is perfect coordination between our heart and mind we understand what the right path is. Often we are compulsive and do only what the mind says without caring for what the heart is saying and vice-versa. This can create a mess and that's where is our main concern. A healthy body with a healthy mind is necessary for that but people in general, care for either of them and not both of them. There has to be a sync between the two and that can bring glory.

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    I also have the view like some other members have made that the right path is very difficult and one has to face so many obstacles in it. I also feel that in long run a right path might lead to the glorious future but seeing the present day scenario there are so many bad elements here and there which will create problems for the right person and will make his life miserable and he will have to fight against so many odds. If the number of people following a right path in the society are more in numbers, then only we can hope for a happy end for that journey. A person alone fighting for right things would be cornered by the authorities and would put to silence. That is a practical fact in the modern times. Even in the past we have read stories where if the king was not happy with the right statement made by a person in his court then the king ordered to kill that person. So, following a right path is full of problems but there are exceptional people who do it in spite of so many difficulties and I wholeheartedly salute to such personalities.
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