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    Does Working from home proves to be disruptive to sleep schedule?

    Most of the persons across the country have opted to do work from home and some are logging in well before the required time of entry online and they are also logging out late than expected because of work pressure or last minute information gathering. In this process the employee getting more burdened with much tasks , kept pending and being escalated to next level of inquiry and thus thinking of same thing during the nights does not bring in sound sleep and that disruptive sleep have the toll next day with fatigue and bore to work.
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    That's the problem when you start working from home. Because of the present situation, people cannot go out and the company thinks the employee is available all the time. When the pressure starts building up one has to work more and since people are working from home they continue doing so because they are not in a hurry to rush back home. This can eventually lead to less hour of sleep which is not good for our health. Everyone has to remember this thing. Another important thing is the availability of projects. Since there may be some delay in getting new projects and there is also no surety of continuation of other projects at times, the company officials do not want to lose the opportunity to keep the clients happy. That is also one of the reasons behind an increase in work pressure.

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    The culture of doing jobs from home has not been easy for the employees of IT sectors.Though IT sectors are doing well due to receipt several projects due to which their income has surged significantly these days. While comparing their profits with other sectors, IT sectors managements are comfortable but the same is not the case with their employees since they lack time even for their lunch or snacks. They remain in tensed state to the extent that they cannot have proper rest in night. Management should look into their genuine grievances so that they can concentrate on their outputs in an effective way.

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    Regarding the problems of working from home, we discussed many times on this site and this problem in sleeping is also discussed. Working from home is becoming very tedious and people are thinking that going to the office and working there is better than working from home.
    My two sons and my brother are now with me and all the three are working from him. My brother starts working from 9 AM and he will on his site till late night 11 PM. Sometimes if he logs out of the site, he will receive a call and he has to attend the call. My elder son's work is to be started at 1 PM and should be over by 9 PM. But by 9 or 10 AM, he will start receiving calls and will go up to a minimum of 11 PM. Sometimes he will be receiving calls after 12 midnight also. His sleep will be getting disturbed frequently. The same is the case with my second son also. His work will be between 2 PM to 11 PM. But he will be attending calls even before 2 PM and after 11 PM also. They feel frustrated many times.

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