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    Does prayer to God need words and their charm?

    Is God particularly interested in certain prayers? Don't those who have intellectual limitations and those who do not have tongue see the state of mind of relying on God?

    Prayer is not any verbal exercise, it is a submission of the mind to God. Prayer is what the mind says, not what the lips say. It is not the knowledge of prayer but the attitude. The quality or novelty of prayer is unlikely to be the criterion for God's acceptance. God will accept the heartbreaking utterance at any moment.

    Analyzing what the prayer is for will reveal the nature and purpose of the prayer. Divine meditation is the purification of purpose. The prayer that God accepts will be the sincere and natural utterances of children, rather than the prayers of adults with mature and graceful words.
    God knows our hearts.
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    Fortunately India has many religions and each one us were bestowed with one faith or the other and no one can question our following which is based on belief and legacy from the elders. If Muslims turn to the west and pray for their well being during the twelve minute namaz daiy for five times the leading mulla recites the verses and others would just follow him. Likewise in Church the priest or the father would say the sermon and the faiths would follow them. Likewise the Sikhs would pray at the Grandh sahib and that is their faith. And we the Hindus has the great work at the temple as we have to clean the idols which is called the Abhishekam, dress the idol and adore with good costume and jewels befitting to the stature of God. And we have Mantras and rituals to be followed daily to make the temple most revered and sought after.
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    Prayer is just a medium in which we surrender ourselves to that supreme power, for this we do not need any special language or education. The union of the Lord and the devotees takes place through feelings. When we consider ourselves to be a form of that God and surrender our life completely in his hands, then only we become his true devotees. God never says that we should sit and worship for him for hours, he just wants us to feel him with us only during our deeds and keep purity and honesty in our deeds, this is the true prayer.

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    In most of the religions and cultures prayer exists in some way or other. Prayer is a medium of approaching the God and it is not necessary that prayer should be a literary piece of work or is being sung in a beautiful tune or raga. It could even be a silent uttering within oneself while meditating with the nature or universe or God whatever the name we call that divine power. So what is important is the sincerity of the purpose and concentration of these praying efforts which give a solace and piece to our mind. If during the prayers our mind is distracted to the worldly affairs and various lures then prayer will lose its significance and then it would simply a waste of our time and doing such prayer will never result in a happy life. God may or may not take the notice of our prayer as that is beyond our prerogative but at least we can bring the element of honesty and seriousness in our prayers so that we are satisfied and happy after doing it. There are some people who do not believe in God but are doing meditation with full concentration and are reaping the benefits out of it. The essence is that we are not praying the God to please Him but to make ourselves happy and contented and thanking God for what we have got.
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    Prayers are only our thought and feelings appealing to God. It does not need any language. An infant does no have proficient language or charming way to tell its mother it is hungry or hurt. It simply cries, with tears flowing profusely. Mother understands from that as to whether child is hungry or hurt or scared. The infant has also full faith that its mother will respond to its cries and feed it or fondle it or hug it firmly and securely.

    We are all considering ourselves as children of God. So our prayers need not be in a particular language, in a particular charming way. But it should only have the real thoughts and sincere feelings and faith. I think the same holds good with our real well wishers.

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    Chanting the name of God many times loudly are reading the holy books using a speaker and a mike without keeping our mind on God can't be considered as Prayer in my opinion. You need not use your lips to pray to God. Submit yourself to God saying that He only can rescue us is important in prayer.
    When the elephant was in trouble and the crocodile is about to kill the elephant, the elephant prayed the God saying that it has lost all its energy and He alone can save it. Then God saved him. In prayer, the focus and concentration on God are more required. Reading a book very loudly, without understanding what the book is telling about God and without keeping our thoughts on God, is of no use.
    Indeed, prayer is not what comes out from your lips. You should have pious thoughts on God and you should align your mind, word and work on the Almighty. Then only we can that we are praying.

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    Being submissive to God is the most important aspect of a slave of God. Every human being is the creation of God. Our Lord understand every language His slave supplicates ir seeks for His mercy. God loves those who help His creatures including fellow human beings, animals, birds, insects, trees etc.

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