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    Lose your life in something or the other to keep busy

    When you come across few persons they say that life is boring and nothing is going as per the wish and expectations and thus feel like negated for nothing. There is a need for every one to keep busy with one task or the other so that we do not have time to think about negative impact of our life at all. We must lose ourselves in something or the other to keep our life easy and going. Remember we are alone responsible for the miss and wins of life and there fore we have to over haul our life according to our convenience.
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    Good advice has been given by the author which will prove to be useful for any person. It is true that when we completely engross ourselves in some work, we are making our life easier. Troubles or sorrows in life are never stable and neither do happiness remain stable. In such a situation, we cannot blame our whole life due to any one situation or consider it boring. After all, ints not about us only in fact every human being is struggling in his life, only the level of struggle is different for everyone. When we accept that it's only us who actually responsible for our life then it helps us to give more options to be busy and happy.

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    That is true. One should always indulge in some work or the other. Otherwise one will get bored. If we keep ourselves busy we will not have any time to have negative thoughts.
    If we sit without any work we will have some or the other complaint about our health or financial position or family matters. But when we are busy the same issues will not bother us and we will easily come out of them. Sometimes by the time I get up in the morning, I feel a little weak, but slowly when I get into my routines I will become alright and I will manage all my works. Instead of doing my work, if I sit thinking that I am weak my weakness will continue and I can't start any work. I experienced this a few times in my life. That is why I will be doing something. If no work I will open a book and start reading. Once we immerse in reading I will become normal and I will not have any complaint.

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    Sitting without doing anything will escalate tension and the same thing is applicable to all of us. The most unfortunate part is that we are ample time of self introspection only when we are sitting ideally. Under such situations, negatively sets in and would be rather difficult to control such negative emotions. This phase is so bad that we will invite some disease or the other. The best recourse is to remain engaged in such tasks which can provide us relief from the worries. This is achievable only through any work which provide us sustained interest. Guiding and coaching our kids in their leisure hours would prove to best engagement of ourselves. We would not have any health issues and we can mould our kid's behaviour for their better future.

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    By doing self introspection during the idle time we add fuel to our agony and painful past.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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