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This thread is the winner of the topic-based TOW contest for May '21.
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    When left becomes right

    My intention is not to confuse you. What I said is also right.

    We are taught the opposite of right is left. Then how can left be right? This is a natural straightforward thinking. But we need not go to deep; philosophical thinking to say sometimes left also is right.
    Let us take a few situations where the title statement becomes right-frankly no pun in this 'right'.

    1. The very first and common situation is: when one a normal person stands before a mirror and views his mirrored image. In the mirror his actual left hand appears as right hand of the mirror image.
    2. The second one is when in exams or tests; we are given a statement asked to choose the one answer which is true about the statement. Here what we do is eliminate the wrong answers. What remains left after the elimination is right. So what is left is right.
    3. The third possible situation is in a debate house, parliament chambers etc when the side sitting to the left of the moderator or Speaker or simply the Left Wing says or acts in a right way, we can comment that the Left is right.

    Readers can visualise other situations when left becomes right. Members may post their real situation contexts and also creative ones.

    (This is an entry to the Topic based TOW contest ).
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    Wonderful examples of left becoming the right in different situations. By elaborating on point 3, one can say that when a politician of left-ideology switch sides to join the right-wing politics then also the politician becomes right from left. If a left-hander becomes a right-hander then also the same thing is applicable. It's really interesting to see when the left becomes right.

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    Sankalan Bhattacharya vide #733191 has given some relevant situational examples when left becomes right.

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    The author has composed a very interesting thread where the left becomes the right. I want to add that driving on the left is right in India.

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    You have really proved that left is always right. Well done. ISC will be right if it chooses your left is right thread as a right thread for the TOW award. Really an awesome thread rightly deserves an award.

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    A nice thread from the author. The situations narrated by the author where the right will become left are really good and my appreciations to him for bringing out a good thread.
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    Congratulations Venkiteswaranji for coming up with this lovely post for the TOW contest. You have proved your part and made us believe that sometimes even left becomes right and right becomes left. Like when standing in the assembly and teachers are facing their students, they would ask to lift their right hand and ask the students to raise their right hand. Here the right of the teacher facing their students and the right hand of the students facing the teacher is opposite but is the right hand. Good point to note and a post that won you the prize. Keep up the good work.
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