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    How long a gadget can work without going bad?

    Most of us buy various appliances, gadgets, and other utility items for our use and with time they go bad or old and are to be discarded and then we buy their replacements which are generally the newer designs with new technologies and are more useful and flexible in their use. I am not interested in highlighting the new technologies here but want to mention one interesting thing about the old items which have not gone bad even after such a long time and are still giving service if we want to use them. I have some very old items like a mini car battery charger, small immersion rod for making coffee while moving here and there especially outstation, a soldering iron etc etc and many of their companions had gone bad long back and I had thrown them as junk. Surprisingly, these items are intact and working and as I am having some fancy for them, I am still keeping them. Here I want to bring in the concept of quality of a product in a lot. Generally a few pieces in a lot would go bad early while others will be giving service for some average life time of that product. But the items which I am talking about are beyond that as they are still working after 20-25 years. I have neither got them repaired nor there was any modification like changing the mains chord or wires in them. Is it possible that these electrical items could survive intact after such a long time? Have you got any such experience of very old gadgets of any type still working nicely? Please share.
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    I have such a good experience with many gadgets or items of use.
    The one I had mentioned many times in this forum was about my Aiwa brand 14 inch CRT (TV). We were using it for last about 22 years. We were using it till last month . It is still functional.

    But due to consistent and regular persuasions by our friends and relatives, we bought a new 32 inch Smart TV last month. However we have not thrown it away and had given it a place in the loft.

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    The quality of the gadgets and the way we use them will decide the life of the item.
    In the olden days, the appliances are made very strong and they never bothered about the size and they are more worried about the strength and the working. But slowly there is a change in the thought process of the individuals and the concept of minimum size has come. We are now ready to use and throw the item. That is why the old items are very strong and they worked for years together. In 1979 I purchased a table fan of Cinni company. Even today it is working perfectly. We use it once in a while but is in perfect condition. No repair so far.
    Another point is how carefully you use it. Some people will not give attention to the maintenance of the tool or the equipment and they use it very roughly and will not show any interest in keeping the equipment in good condition. In such a case also the equipment will go bad and it will not work to its full capacity.

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    It depends on a couple of things like how sturdy is the design, how carefully people use it, how many persons are using the gadget at a time, etc. Nowadays, instead of fluorescent tube lights, we use LED batons and even if someone has a fluorescent tube at home I am sure the choke or electric ballast is now an electronic one. In our home, there is still one functioning having a choke (not an electronic one) for almost 40 years. I think the quality of wire used in that material is keeping it running. The technology has improved a lot and now people never mind using an improved version of old gadgets since there may be certain advantages specific to a gadget. As long as the device is functioning perfectly I don't think there is an urgency to go for a new one.

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    I am also of the opinion that old time gadgets and things are not bad and obsolete and they are intact and working even for now. Some of our family relations have the electronic radio of those time and the brand is Murphy and we used to hear the Radio Ceylon Tamil songs during 1980's. I remember my father used to maintain that radio and listen to good songs in Hindi and Tamil from various radios of the world. The radio was as big as small Harmonium box but when we shifted the house the radio got damaged and there was no proper mechanic to make it function. Then after few years when want to dispose off to waste paper, and just tried to on, it started working, but unfortunately it as broken while handling to shift to other place in the house. So I know the radio was of good quality and stayed with us for many years.
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    It is true that in earlier times the items were more sturdy and worked for a long time.
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    I would like to add one more thing that not everyone could buy the electronic products that were made in the olden days, they were very expensive at that time. I think it took too long to make those products. Secondly, due to not much demand, full time was given to make each product.

    Currently, there is a lot of competition in the electronic products industry, if every product is not made within time, many other competitors will bring stronger and reasonable products to the market.

    Secondly, today's product should also be such that it can be easily upgraded in the future. So that the production cost can be reduced. It would cost a lot of time and expenses to manufacture the product from scratch for minor updates.

    In the olden times, electronic products had fewer customers and fewer competitors for the companies that made the product, which allowed more attention to the product.


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    Observation and experience of the author is right, some times It depends on the quality as well as the uses and handling way for the particular gadgets. sometimes we bought any item without thinking about its quality but we should never ignore it. There is also a systematic way t use any item that should also keep in mind. This is true that nowadays there are many brands available for a single product and this is also a challenge for us to find the best product with the best quality that will sustain us for a long time.

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    The electronic items purchased earlier were of high durability and no expenditure incurred as part of their maintenance for an appreciable time. I witnessed the same in case of Kelvinator Fridge purchased way back in 1987 and a Sony Version of TV purchased in 1989 and both are offering excellent service up til now.
    Though I have purchased both TV and Fridge of different make this time but the quality does not seem be of that order. In the olden times, the manufacturers were much more particular with the quality of the products so that end users could derive satisfaction once they purchased the items.

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    In old times many items were supposed to go for a long time like a wrist watch which we used for quite a long time. It was not battery operated but worked on manual knob rotation and we had to do it once a day to run it for next 24 hours. Those watches were very sturdy and except some occasional servicing or cleaning there was nothing wrong with them. Another factor is that in those times people kept their items very carefully as everyone was not able to afford to buy them if they went bad. Today people believe in use and throw policy and manufacturers are also taking advantage of this by selling more number of products.
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