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    Anyone cannot be right always

    We come across many peoples in our life. Sometimes we also met people who are stubborn and think that they are always right. This is not a new thing. Humans have a nature to prove themselves right and think that it is their basic right since birth. They want to convince or even defend their view that they are right. But this kind of thinking that you are always right can affect relationships may increase stress level and at some time in life, they may make anyone your antagonist. But this is not the right way. Different people have different thinking and it is very obvious what is right for you may not be right from some other person's viewpoint. We all have our opinions, and we can agree or disagree with anyone's views.

    It is also a fact that our requirements also change with time and several new things replace old things. A thing that was right one time may be wrong at another time.

    It is a universal truth that one cannot be always right. Sometimes people show ignorance in front of others because of their ego and pretend to be right however, they know the truth and do not admit it.

    In fact, people search for happiness, and they want to make themselves happy, so being right is a way to find happiness. But being always right may give a feeling of goodness in short term but may prove to be wrong in the long term. As we live in society and there will be some person who would not agree with you and will have a different opinion. Being always right is actually wrong if one is seeking a healthy relationship. So, anyone wants to be happy in a long run and wants to make healthy relationships, he/she must leave his/her ego, accept other's opinion and respect them.

    This is my opinion. Do you think the same?

    Entry for the Topic based TOW contest for May '21- topic-'Right'.
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    No one can ensure that he is always right and there are every chance that others have the knack and ability to prove us wrong. No doubt by virtue of vast experience and knowledge one can claim the supremacy over the work but there are some intricacies which not everyone is accustomed with and one can beat other with performance and show they are one step ahead. Even in office not all things are revealed to the subordinates and when it comes damage control exercise the superior has the edge to solve the problem and the others are left to lurch and even has to wait for the action. But there are cases when the subordinates out of their own interest and sage has found the ways and means to get rid of problems without even waiting for the seniors to do the work. That way time and again it is proved that anyone cannot be always right.
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    Absolutely agree with the author, when situations are not the same all the time then it is also not possible that every person should be right every time but some people do not want to agree with this statement and they are some kind of stubborn people. Stubborn is not in the term of for their some wishes but for their image. They people think if anyone proves them wrong that would spoil their image in front of others and that is why they do not want to accept it easily. Whether anyone is right or working it does not depend on others it depends on us, maybe we are right but we should not force others for the same thing. Every person has their own thinking, values, perceptions, etc and all these factors matter while they deciding right or wrong, so we should not take such a big image spoiling factors and fight for it. Do not try to prove yourself right by your words but if you actually right it will automatically be proven by your actions.

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    I am in agreement with the author's view that all the time you cannot be right. To have this feeling may give you a false sense of satisfaction for the time being. However, you think deeply there is every possibility of supporting the other's views. You should be considerate enough to entertain other's views. The negative aspects of the rigidity may spoil the relationship with the closed ones. Even there are chances of animosity between you and your friends due to your obstinate attitude. Living in a society, you will have to be flexible to the extent you hear others and never take an extreme step you are always right.

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    I see where the author comes from. Undoubtedly, she is right that there is no standard criterion of rightness as the permanent fixture that never changes and this right-ness never moulds into left-ness.
    An interesting fact is that in politics right-ness is assumed with negative connotation or wrong-ness whereas left-ness is taken as right-ness with a positive connotation. Ain't it?
    Things come and go. Nothing stays forever. Enemies change into friends and friends into strangers.
    Often, strange things happen around us. All wrong -ness a person has been bearing for many years because he was poor but when heaven blessed him with riches and prosperity all his wrong-ness changed into right-ness.

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    It is true that one cannot be right every time as every human being is affected by relations, emotions, and other such things which change our thinking and mental condition to take a decision or tell a thing to someone. Being right every moment in ones life is a hypothetical concept and cannot be achieved in reality. Many times depending on the situations we change our perception and stick to it whether it is correct or not. For example if a girl had intentionally quarrelled in the house of the in-laws and come back to the father's house then everyone will believe in her story whatever she narrates and parents will not even think to cross check it and simply blame the in-laws for her plight and the girl will continue living with the parents. Parents will not be able to make a right assessment of the case because their mind is biased. Another example is that if a man tortures his wife and forces her to leave the house then the man's parents will not object to it and will favour the man for that because they are biased in their mind and cannot differentiate what is right and what is wrong. So one cannot be always right because of so much biasing and other influences in ones life.
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    At times our viewpoint differs and we also work in a different way. That is the reason why one cannot be always right. We have certain limitations, so one may not follow the right path always, though it is expected by others that you do it in the right way. Many times it becomes difficult to universally define a thing/issue right or wrong and if that is the case then perceptions about it can always vary. It becomes even more difficult if the person is stubborn and do not give credence to others' views. Then, a tussle develops between the two since everybody starts thinking they are right. At times, you have to be wrong. Otherwise, others will prove you wrong.

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    That's right. No one can always be right. As a human being, guilt and shortcomings are all too common. Those who are blameless and flawless will have to say that God is equal or God. Those who live on earth must be counted among the human race. So it is not about the shortcomings or the wrongdoings, it is about the excesses of the mistakes being made and the extent of such things being done only for selfish ends. There will be a recall when all the mistakes are going to be made. Our mind reminds and advises us that what we are going to do is wrong. Wrongdoings of many adversely affect the quiet lives of many others and the habitat of many. It is tantamount to destroying, that category in a way. The Bible says that sin entered into the world through the first man, and death came through sin and that all who were born on earth became sinners. The word sin in the Bible means doing things that should not be done (that are called wrongdoings). All wrongdoings are sins. Many find it difficult to understand literally.
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