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    Is everything all right?

    When we talk about being right or checking if everything is going right with a person, we normally use the word alright. During this pandemic, everyone is waiting to see everything getting well but more than a year and we all are still hoping for the best to happen. Covid has indeed changed everything, not only in our neighborhoods but the city, state, country, and the world as a whole. When can we breathe a sigh of relief from wearing masks, going to school, attending functions or places openly as earlier? We all want the vaccination drive to be completed as soon as possible so that everything could be brought under control. Then comes the shortage and other things that we lack due to mismanagement from the government and concern authority. Is it right for us to ask is everything all right? What do you feel? Do let us know with your comment below.

    [My entry for the TOW May '21- topic-'Right'.]
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    One more good post connecting to the tow topic and the author has raked up a general term we used to ask and get convinced ourselves as to everything being alright. In this regard I wish to share a personal observation which came across some time back when I was about to leave for Chennai and was waiting for my train to come. Meanwhile a good train came on the other platform and the new driver changed. Before starting the goods train the driver was checking all the parameters of the engine and ensuring everything including the fuel of the engine because only in Secunderabad the engine has to be fueled and no where else. And that reminded me that before start of any work we must ensure all is well and everything is alright other wise we are alone held responsible for any wrong going as human error would be taken as first for wrong going.
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    The author posted a very nice thread and connected it with TOW very nicely. This time is very difficult for anyone and when we ask for everything alright, we never get a satisfactory answer. These days when I call anyone of my relative or friends, I casually asked them, Hey is everything is alright? and the answer is the same for most of them that are, yeh till now everything is right, we all are healthy in my family and noting bad happen with them because they are safe at their home. This situation makes our mind as, so when anyone asks for alright with us, our first thought that occurs in our mind is just related to the epidemic. We can just wish for that the time will come soon when everyone says yes, everything is alright with me and I have many plans to do today's or other days, and as the author suggested vaccination helps to it, so the normal life will come soon faster.

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    Nowadays everything is not alright as the author has also opined about what is happening due to the pandemic. The Shortage of vaccines or any other problem people have been facing have become normal for us. Nobody is wrong. If all people and concerned authorities are grouped as right and wrong, hopefully, the majority will go for wrongness or carelessness.
    Who can blame whom? Nobody, because microscope should be used to find right people out of common or officials.

    Have we got victory over Corona? I don't think so; and you? Perhaps, we have done it because we are more focused on the next elections coming in 2022, after all, winning states is more important for all political parties than caring about what is happening to common people. It looks strange when I see people taking too much interest in useless activities. Another side, many people are asking for their rights to live safely.

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    An interesting post highlighting the fact that everything is not alright as on today. We are amid a big crisis which is still continuing and we do not know whether the future would be more difficult or come back to the usual normalcy. No one knows the answer to this question and scientists and scholars alike are after the job of searching a solution for the present situation. The Govt of various countries are struggling to save their citizens from the wrath of this calamity and international cooperation and brotherhood is taking a new dimension which was never felt before. Let us hope we all will be out of this phase as so many efforts are in the pipeline for searching a suitable drug for this menace and already the vaccination drive is in full swing. We can only hope that everything changes and bad days will also not be there for a long time and soon we will see the sun coming out of the clouds and spread its bright light everywhere on the human beings and then we all will response to each other with that historical 'Everything is alright'.
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    These days we can't ask anybody whether everything is right. We know the condition. We can ask them how is your health and how are your family members. If we get a positive reply to those two questions we should be happy. Everywhere almost all things are not in right position these days. Everybody is feeling they are on house arrest. Houses are becoming offices and the working class don't want any disturbance while there on their job. So the members in the house are not even having the freedom to talk freely with each other. The house has become a school for the children. They are not feeling at home even though they are in their house. They are getting depressed and not even seen the street for the last few months. Housewives are getting strained in cooking and supplying tea and coffee to the working people in the house. They are not having any activity which makes them happy. There is no going out to eat. In such a situation asking the question "Is everything all right" is irrelevant these days.
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    This is what actually we all are finding for ourselves. At this time, we all need to find out about our near and dear ones who are far away but looking and understanding the situation, the only thing we can ask is, even this phase will get over, keep hope." I am saying this because, when in a company that was about to shut down and its president of the company visited his employee, he asked them is everything alright and one of they answered - how can everything be alright as we are facing financial crises and other problems. At that moment, the president changed his statement and inquired, is you health alright and the answer was, yes. He then said, if your health is good, other things can be made fine with hard-work, hope, determination and positive approach.
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