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    Possess right attitude, only then voice for your right

    With the birth of a child, the practice of teaching what is right and wrong begins instantly, although the infant fails to understand it. The newborn gradually starts growing up, and the teaching of right and wrong keeps on increasing. It is how a little one learns to differentiate between right and wrong, and with it, a core question springs up in my mind. Suppose the elderly family members are so good at preaching what is right, then their next generation cannot be practising a wrong act. The reality is different. It shows that unlimited incidents and cases that reflect a violation of human rights are increasing every day? It's not that only the youths are responsible for all the wrongful deeds, but their upper generation is equally blameworthy. Human rights are regularly abused either politically, in society, in the workplace or at the domestic level. Nasty actions take place wherever there is a murder of a person's rights. Let's take the example of domestic violence that is like a coin with two sides. In a genuine domestic violence case, a bride is subjected to extreme cruelty, while when fake domestic violence cases get lodged, the groom's side faces all sorts of wrong accusation.

    Thus, when people talk about their right and start screaming at the top of their voice as it gets violated, one needs to understand that was his/her action proper in dealing with a particular situation. A groom's family cannot expect love, respect and care from the bride who received torture in her marital family. Similarly, a groom who faced a fake domestic violence case would prefer to take a divorce or maintain a stoic relationship. Thus, it is always justified to be morally right, then only raising a voice against the abuse of their birthright, constitutional right or emotional right is justified.

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    Good post from the author connecting to the tow topic and in this regard I wish to substantiate my example with the author that those who are not voting and not exercising their franchise does not have the right to question the leader or the government in power. In India unfortunately the cream of 40 percent voters who supposed to be benefited with every action and scheme of the govt never bothered to assert their right of voting and they even do not have the voter card and start criticizing the government actions and schemes as if they have been asked to give their feed back. So what the author said is right that those who do not have the right attitude they do not have the right to question any body. By the way we should keep away ourselves from those who do not have the right attitude because they may spoil our thoughts also.
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    A piece of nice advice from the author, first we should possess the right attitude then only we can raise our voice, this is true that when a person commits some mistakes he or she is not a single responsible for this but many more people also involved. As the author connects it with the birth of a baby in a family that is quite behavioral aspects of life. People often do not want to work on themselves and just want to demand their rights but people should watch that also do they deserve to bet those rights or anything for which they are demanding. When our attitude would not right how could we determine what is right and wrong? For maintaining any relationship also our attitude matters and when we do not follow the same attitude the relationship will not sustain for a long time. Let's have a positive change in our attitude and then find a new positive thought of life.

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    I don't think there is much of a need to teach a baby what is right and what is wrong. Family members teach the baby by their right or wrong activities and the little mind learns by observing his elders. Some small children are seen lying in every matter. No parents teach their children to lie then how they have learnt to lie? Practically, parents of children must be lying before their children and obviously, they adopt and follow what their elders do.
    The author has focussed on the rights of the bride and bridegroom. Generally, fakes cases are lodged against the husband and his family and interesting thing is that demand for a car or building or cash etc is the standard reason for an alleged violation of rights.
    I have nothing to say about these social issues but what about a person who was imprisoned in a cell for many years - say - for a decade or so and after wasting his precious years he was acquitted by the court. Why the police is not punished for wasting his life? Or in other words, they made his life hell. Why his rights of freedom were snatched? Should there be no punishment for rights-snatchers?

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    A thought provoking post submitted by the author. There are many people in the society who are doing evil and cunning acts of teasing and torturing others and then they start preaching to us that things should be done like that or this. This type of dubious character is at all not admissible and we should not believe this type of people making sermons to us or delivering them in public. Any person who is acting wrong but crying for his rights is a social menace to the society and even for the whole country because he is not contributing correctly but asking for his share of facilities. These people cleverly manage their dual lives by indulging in malpractices behind the scene and present themselves fighting for their rights as well as the rights of the public who sometimes follows them. Gullible people are made fool by these cunning personalities and we must be cautious to identify and avoid them for any transaction.
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    What we teach will alone be taken by the child. The baby will observe the elders and do the things the way do it. That means the baby will be learning from the acts of elders also. My granddaughter comes with a broomstick when she sees her grandmother sweeping the ground. She will understand that I am going out if I wear a mask. As soon as she sees that she will come and hold my hand telling her intentions to come out with me. So elders should do right things only if they want their children to do always right only.
    As we are in a democratic country and as we have lawyers who can prove wrong as right, people are not worried and never hesitate to do wrong things also. There are many courts at different levels a right in a court will be proved wrong In another court. That is why nobody is serious about practising right things only.

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    It is always desirable but what we see day in and day out is different. People remain busy talking about their own rights but when it comes to the rights of others they tend to violate those. We all talk about our right to life as guaranteed by the constitution but not so many believe in the principle of live and let live. It seems rather than being right so that others can follow us, we are more concerned about the constitutional rights provided to us.

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