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    Do you know the subtle difference between the following terms?

    Usually in court related news items so many technical terms we come across and normally common man has no clear knowledge about them. Commonly we think that they are related to some terminology of courts. Lawyer, Advocate, Attorney, Barrister, Solicitor, Prosecutor, etc. are related to various positions related courts terminology. Usually we will have lot of confusion with these terms. Do you have an idea of how to differentiate these terms? Members try to differentiate these terms and learn some thing new for us.
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    The word Lawyer is very common. Even a student who got admitted to a Law course can call himself a lawyer. In fact, anybody and everybody who is pursuing or practising law can call himself a lawyer. Lawyer word is not used in any Indian statute.
    A lawyer duly admitted to practice and advice and advocate his clients is an advocate. He pleads for his client in court. A lawyer has to get enrolled in a State Bar Council to become an advocate.
    An attorney is an agent or one acting on behalf of another. A company can appoint an attorney for seeing its legal matters.
    Barrister is the English word used to address Advocates. But this term is not in use in our country is irrelevant. and is used in England.
    The concept of solicitors is not as there in India. But it is in the United Kingdom. Solicitors can give out legitimate solutions to their clients. In India, solicitors can get themselves registered through the Bombay Incorporated Law Society.

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    As far as I know those who practice the law and appears in the court for his clients is called Lawyer, An Advocate is a person working as a assistant under a eminent lawyer. Because a lawyer would have a firm and many advocates works as assistants attending to different cases in various courts. An Attorney is a person appointed by the court to deal with the case of particular interest public interest litigation. According to me a Barrister is the person who has attempted the studies of law but never practiced in the courts. For example AIAMIM leader is called Barrister Owaisi , And a Solicitor is appointed by the court to adjudicate a case which is running for years and see for a amicable settlements between the parties to dispute. Finally a Prosecutor is the paid lawyer from the government side who would insists for the fine or the sentence to the accused.
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