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    Active GD- Amendments to the IT Rules will muzzle the social media users. Yes/ No?- Winners!

    It is observed that despite our interruptions to widen the scope of the discussion and to bring in diverse views, the participants chose to generally stick to the aspect of freedom of expression only. It was surprising to note that we did not have anyone, except Bhushan, with a single response, opposing or for that matter, even criticizing any of the amended rules. Hope the choice was not due to the influence of the amendments to the rules.

    Coming to the topic, it may be generally agreed upon that the amendments have been brought in with a view to making the social media intermediaries accountable for the content they publish and also to make them responsible for assisting the authorities in tracing the origin of messages that are against the law and it does not in any way indicate any direct interference into the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution. But the clause that provides that the intermediary will not host or store any message that "threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order, or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation" on receiving an order to the effect from the government or its appropriate agencies is an area which calls for some dissection and proper interpretation due to the liability it may bring upon the users because of the possibility of 'interpretation of convenience'.

    We don't intend to get into the details at this juncture but, notwithstanding the mention of the same by Venkiteswaran, we do feel that the participants/non-participants could have put in some effort to cover this area too in detail so as to make the discussion more interesting and fruitful. On that note, we are now announcing the Best Participants of the recently concluded Active GD on the topic The new amendments to the IT Rules will muzzle the social media –Yes or No?

    Having gone through all the views submitted and the arguments put forth in favour of the amendments, we have selected the following members as the Best Participants-

    1. Venkiteswaran

    2. Umesh and

    3. Dr Deepali Gangwar

    The winners will receive a cash reward of Rs 150/- each and the consolation prize winners will receive Rs 50/- each. Cash rewards and additional points would be added to the best responses from the other participants too based on their overall performance.

    Friends, please join me to congratulate the winners and also put in a word of appreciation to all the participants.
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    Congratulations to the winners of the active GD. The results are as expected. I wish and hope that the winners will continue their good work and win many more awards in the coming months. I wish them all the best.
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    I agree that an active GD gets more interesting and exciting when both sides of the coin are brought out, otherwise, it tends to come across as lopsided. In that sense, this active GD was a bit dampening. That by no means takes away the credit from the award-winners for putting across their views well. Congratulations Venkiteswaran, Umesh, and Dr Deepali Gangwar for winning the active GD.
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    Many congratulations to all the winners from my side. I hope you will participate and win prizes in many more competitions to come like this.

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    Congrats to the winners of the GD and it was immensely participated and discussed topic and hope such kind of tempo is maintained in future topics too.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many congratulations to the winners of GD having participated actively and ultimately have emerged successful due to their effective representations. Hope they will show their marked performance in the times ahead. I wish them all the best.

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    Hearty congratulations to all winners, you all deserve to be winners, I would like to wish all other participants for their views, All the best for many more rewards in the future.

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    I thank ISC for the award given to me and this was an interesting GD and the topic was very contemporary and important. Members also participated nicely and very interesting and critical remarks and views were seen during the course of this discussion. I also take opportunity to congratulate the other winners of this GD - Venkiteswaran and Dr Deepali. Well done members and keep up the good contributions in ISC in a regular fashion.
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    Congratulations to the three best participants Venkiteswaran, Umesh, and Dr. Deepali Gangwar on the debate or Active GD topic - Amendments to the IT Rules will muzzle the social media users. Yes/ No? The point is highlighted by the contest organizer but it can be that we are not well versed with the topic or content. Let us take some more time and after a clear understanding come up with the same topic to get the best output from members from various locations and places. I wish to congratulate all the participants, organisers and jury for their efforts and contribution.
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    Congratulations to all the winners of the GD, and you all deserve this award and appreciation as your participation is commendable.

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    My sincere hearty congrats to Venkiteswaran, Umesh and Deepali. Well done friends. Keep it up.
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    This was an interesting GD on a contemporary topic and there was good participation. Now the results are announced and I also congratulate the best participants Venkiteswaran, Umesh, and Dr. Deepali Gangwar who have contributed nicely in this contest.
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    Congratulations to Venkiteswaran sir, Mr. Umesh, and Dr. Deepali Gangwar for winning the Best Participant title for your outstanding participation in the GD on Amendments to the IT Rules.

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    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited. Enhanced points and cc has been added to the responses of other eligible participants also.
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    Congratulations Venkiteswaran and Umesh sir for winning the Active GD on Amendments to the IT Rules. I am thankful to ISC for my prize also. I also thanks members for their congratulatory messages.

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    Congratulations to Umesh and Dr Deepali Gangwar being selected as best participants in the GD.
    I am happy that I am also selected for the prize.

    The GD was almost one sided and hence could not elicit much vehement discussion. Moreover for one full day I was absent from discussion due to other important engagements. However within the limitations I tried to bring out some few relevant points in the discussion.
    A GD becomes more effective when more participants are there.
    ISC may call for some suggestions from members to improve GD especially in participation and quality .

    However I appreciate the conduct, selection of topic and declaration of results without delay.

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    My hearty congratulations to Venkiteswaran sir, Umesh sir, and Dr. Deepali Gangwar for being selected as the best participants in the Active GD contest. Good luck to get more rewards in the future.

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    My congratulations to all the best participants of the Active GD. Hardly I found anyone opposing the amendments to the IT rules and everyone elaborated how these new amendments will be for the betterment of our country and the people. Since all these social media platforms are foreign companies I think the focus was more on how to make them function according to the law of the land.

    My best wishes to all the participants of this GD.


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    I congratulate all the winners of the GD. Keep it up!

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