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    Can we compare human body to the features of Internet server ?

    My thoughts ran amok in comparing our body and activities to that internet server. With two hands we are able to do multi tasking and with ease as the server does. Our brain serves as the master facility of creating ideas, storing them and making it use as we require and remove the waste ideas from the mind. Our heart keeps data of good persons who have attracted our likes and thus we keep admiring till the end of life. Our eyes keep on changing the directions and serve as the directory to the stored files. And with smell sense we try to configure and remove bad files. Any comment ?
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    We are thankful to God for their unique gifts to us. There is an excellent synthesis of our brain, eyes, hands, hearts doing excellent jobs in their areas. Our mind is so sharp that it can even work more better than a computer. We have seen the same in case of Shakuntala Devi when she could calculate the numbers so fast that even the computers failed to deliver such results. The hands are doing the multitasking jobs effortlessly and heart is full of sympathies for our loved ones. It is said that we are utilising the brain to the level of ten percent only. Let us explore how human beings will utilise their brains in the years ahead.

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    The computer and server require some help to store the data. Somebody has to feed the information and then only it can retain the information. These computers are created by human beings only. The human brain will remember whatever it hears, sees or reads. That means the human brain is having many ways to get information and store it in our brain. The brain is the CPU that will control the whole body and passes the commands to various parts of the body regarding their duties and responsibilities. The creator of the computer is created by God. So I feel our brain is much better and superior to man-made computers. These computers are helping us to improve our abilities and intelligence. How we take care of our computers, God will also take care of us as deemed fit and see that we will perform much better by using all the senses that are given by Him to all of us. That is why I call a human being is much better than a super computer and he is using them for his better performance and to excel in his life.
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    You have compared the human body to an internet server in a very interesting way. The Internet server has been invented by man, so apparently, it will have human characteristics, traits, and elements in its formation. As it has been said that the greatest study of man is the study of man himself. Not only internet servers but everything man-made is an imitation of man which could be a bit faster and more powerful. Just as there is no doubt that man is also a form of the universe. The Internet is one of the great inventions of man so far, which is still progressing continuously.

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    Instead, we should say if computer can be compared to human being?
    This is the human brain which has created computer. Now human is trying to create his rival. Deep blue was the first computer which defeated human brain. Kasparov, the grand master, was defeated by computer. Deep blue has been placed in a museum to show greatness of human brain. It was the first best example of artificial intelligence.

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    It's an interesting comparison but servers cannot create new ideas unless some kind of input is provided to it. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, people are trying to make computers intelligent but again they also use certain algorithms and they function according to those algorithms. Servers/Computers cannot differentiate between good and bad, they may suggest the user remove the files/data that are seldom used. Humans always try to invent things so that there is more comfort and day by day things are becoming quite advanced, technically.

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    Human body is a miraculous product of the nature evolved through million of years on this life conducive planet called Earth. In our culture and scriptures it is mentioned that humans were crafted by the God very meticulously and are supposed be the best out of the lot of all the animals made at that time by the divine power. Anyway, human body is a self sufficient world in itself which is more than a server in the sense that server works under certain software codes while our body is able to automate all sort of codes depending upon the requirement and outside situation. This is a great natural example of a perfect self programmed computer which does not depend on outside help for up gradation of the coding versions. There is no machine in this world which can work with the same speed as our mind is capable of doing. It is said that human capabilities do not have any upper limit and it is only practice and efforts with what humans can do anything. All the machines and computers are made by the humans and is it possible to make better machines than the human brain is an interesting question because our brain has to make a machine which is better than itself. Let us see how and to which extent this will be accomplished in future.
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    Nicely compared by the author to the internet with the human body. This is the same way when I also relate them. Actually when I was doing M.Sc in computer science, those days me and my friends I used to talk with computer language. For example when any one of us does not understand anything we normally used we need to update our brain software, and many more like this. It was fun to do this and even also helped us to study, I don't know exactly how it works but it actually helps. We can definitely compare a human body with computer features.

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    Since there are more similarities between the human body and computer, the software in computer can be compared to the wisdom of a person.
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    Going by the thoughts of the thread, I feel King Raavana,, King of Lanka( in Ramayanam) will be more suitable comparison especially in multitasking and recovery.

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