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    If there is someone to share the pain with.

    The priest sees a woman writing something on a piece of paper and placing it in front of the shrine. One day, after the woman left, the priest brings the piece of paper and read it. It contained some of her sorrows. When he saw her later, the priest asked: why he was doing this? "I did so because I heard in a spiritual discourse, 'Bring all your troubles to church.' I am getting great relief anyway." she replied.

    The greatest achievement in life is to find someone who can adapt to their problems. Some find it in classmates, while others find it in God. Having someone to open up about issues is more important than having anyone. Sensitivity is important, not the listener's problem-solving ability. While not all problems can be solved, the most comforting thing for them is being able to halve the weight of shared problems. The self-confidence that there is someone who cares about his crises.

    For many, the means of survival are many. Some ways that only they can understand, find themselves and may seem strange to others. If such ways are comforted, they should not be blamed or ridiculed. But those who cannot find any shelter will be left destitute and their very existence may be in danger.
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    Unfortunately we have to undergo the ordeal of pain and agony experiencing ourselves as there may not be anyone who would share their shoulder for our pain. Once a young rich boy died suddenly and before the funeral procession was started the body was kept for last respects to be paid by his friends. Since he had many friends visiting during his life the family waited for them to pay their last respects. Not a single person turned and only one boy came and paid his last respects and that is the person who always stood with good and bad moments of that rich boy. The family was taken aback as none visited and only this boy was also ready to be one of pal bearer. So what it proves that our agony and pain remains and we share with those who can match to our likes otherwise we have to surrender to the God and take the solace.
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    When we have some mental agony if we share with a confidential person we will get relieved to some extent. We feel that half of our difficulties will go if somebody listens to us carefully. That is why we require at least one or two close people. Generally, many of us will have our life partner who hears us very carefully and comes out with some or the other suggestion.
    God is the ultimate identity who will definitely hear the silent prayers of the people who are in difficulties. He will do definitely what will be good for the sufferer. It may be different from what he expects. But definitely what is happening is the best possible solution to the problems. Hence telling our issues to the Almighty is a way to get relieved. We all know how much relief a school going child gets once he informed his marks in the examinations he faced to their parents. The same is the case with the people also.

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    Life is as good as it is full of struggle and many times a person gets disappointed during the struggles, this disappointment is not related to defeating or failure but feelings. In such a situation, many times people take the support of such a person with whom they can share their sorrow, but in today's world, it is a little difficult to find such a person who is so adopted, perhaps that is why people adopt different types of yours. Faith in God has always been one of the biggest weapons for man, this trust gives us a new hope to live life and we feel that God is always with us and is showing us the right path. We narrate all our sorrows to him. Even when we cannot see it directly, the faith of the mind assures us that that power is listening and understanding us. Pain is a part of life,these methods prove to be very helpful for such emotional and sensitive moments.

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    When someone is mentally disturbed or is undergoing some serious problems which cause pangs of sorrows, in this situation he wants to have a shoulder to be consoled or a few good words that alleviate his pain. I liked the story written in the opening post that a woman would pour her pain on a piece of paper and would place it in a church.
    Considerate people are always active in this regard they feel the pain of others. If they observe someone hiding his pain behind a fake smile they extend their hand to help him. They listen to him to get the burden on his heart lessened. This is a great piece of charity.

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    Then it's always better. It helps to ease the burden and at that moment people want someone who will patiently listen to their pains or problems. Generally, people share their problems and pains with someone closer to them but it may depend on the situation too. The author has given a good example here where the pain is shared with the almighty. It's the feeling of somebody is listening to the problems that help to relieve.

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