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    Is it not possible to have error free nil mistake contents in the net ?

    Day in day out we are coming across so many apps and developments to make the submissions on the internet very interesting and going. What I feel that there must be a arrangements by the servers to correct, erase and upload only the right corrected contents without errors and nil mistakes. Like, may be we have chosen wrong words in between, failed to correct the mistakes or failed to add appropriate words and design a preface and the end on its own. This kind of arrangement would serve as the best on the internet to refer and use. Any takers ?
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    Grammarly is an app that suggests to us the corrections we have to do. We all downloaded the free version of the same for our use. It will show us the spelling and grammar mistakes in our content. If you go for the advanced version of the same by paying the required amount, you will get suggestions from Grammarly regarding the sentence construction and rewriting them in a better way also. It all depends on your ability to purchase the app by paying some money. There may be many such apps on the net and we may not be aware of the same.
    Our content can be shown to people who are having advanced skills in writing. They may suggest you some improvement and you can modify your content accordingly. There may be some typing mistakes also. They can be corrected by going through the content once or twice word by word so that all mistakes can be corrected. Earlier days when we have printing presses to get the books printed, some people used to read the proof and correct the mistakes before going for bulk printing. They are known as Proofreaders.

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    Who is going to correct the mistakes? Is it going to be corrected automatically by the apps and uploaded to the server or it will suggest to the users the portion that needs to be corrected so that the user can do it and upload it themselves? I feel, there should not be any auto-correction mechanism. Any such arrangement will not help one to learn things. Though I do not use any such apps to upload any content on the internet, I think there must be some correcting tools/apps for mobile users also, like Grammarly that we are using here. Informative and error-free contents undoubtedly get more viewers and it is the responsibility of both the content developer and the platform to post contents that are error-free.

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    I don't know if any app which can auto-correct mistakes in any content uploaded/posted on any websites has been introduced to internet users or not, but if such an app is given in the hands of users it will be a great help for them. It will narrow the difference between a person who is an expert in writing and someone who is lacking in this quality.
    Should we welcome such an app?
    Some people are using Grammarly and they praise it a lot. The author may take the help of this app. Probably it will work.

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    First of all, does 'error free' and 'nil mistake' convey different meanings?
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    We are also human beings who make apps or other technology and it is a little difficult to find solutions to all problems by making one app through all the coding in one app. Nevertheless, there are many apps that together can help us to some extent in creating error-free content. As I use Grammarly a lot in my writing, I use Grammarly, but even after using it, many times the grammar error has been found by the editors, from this we get to know that anyone App is not more than the actual knowledge of man, that's why if we want to give error-free content then we have to increase our abilities by doing the excessive reading.

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    Mohan, my doubt has not been cleared as yet.
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