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    How to helps students to overcome from exam phobia in this pandemic duration?

    in this section i want to know opinions on how a student can get overcomes from examination phobia with or without help of others.
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    Anshul, you have asked a very pertinent question in this forum post and if we remember students were already having an exam phobia in the pre-pandemic times. Though all students will not have that but a majority was suffering from this exam fear at that time also. Exam is always like that as it is the test of the student whether they had taken the course seriously during the year or not. It does not matter whether the classes were in physical mode or online, at the time of exam many students will have a nervous break down. Only difference between earlier times and the present one is that today students are not mixing with the other students and are not able to approach the teachers for any help and that might be another negative factor adding to their worries. In addition to all these problems, every student wants to have some fun time with friends and other companions and also enjoy games and other amusements with them. Unfortunately the students are missing all these small pleasures. When so many worries are already there, the exam phobia has to be more than the normal times.

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    An exam is not everything in life and should not be taken as a deciding factor in any situation. Just like any other test, the examination is also a test to know how much one is aware of the subject. If you think of the exam as a deciding factor, then many more thoughts, especially fear, will come up in your mind. You will begin to worry that if you cannot do well in the exam you won't be able to progress in life. Never take it in that way. If you study the subject well and if you are not worried at all, then definitely you can write the exams and score well. But if you worry, you can make a lot of mistakes while writing the exams. Stop worrying. Concentrate on your studies and when required take the help of the appropriate person. Meditation may help you to gain concentration.


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    In fact what I feel that students should pat themselves for getting wonderful chance of more time to study on own and no wastage of time. This pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home and do their own work. And what could be the better chance than this for the students who are having exams and need to be preparation going. One can have video calling assistance with the colleagues of same class for any clarifications or help. Earlier in the name of combined studies and tuition the students used to waste time and nothing gained. Now the students have immense time at their disposal and studying at home is the peaceful place as the parents would give full attention and even help to complete the studies in their own way. So students need not take this situation as phobia and make themselves blessed to exploit the situations to their favor.
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    Anshul, your question is very much justified keeping in view of the pandemic situation. The examination is the process to test your grasp of the subject in which you are likely to appear. If you have gone through the basics of the subject/ subjects taking much pain in that direction, your stress will be minimal in course of examination. The main issue is the concentration of the mind. The examination process regular or otherwise should not disturb you with the disciplined approach undertaken by you. While you go through the chapters, you will come across the questions at the end of each chapter, focus on them and search for their relevant answers from that chapter. Make a note of each chapter mentioning the vital points in your diary. The present phase should not distract you, it will pass soon. Consider the same as the normal part of your life.

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    Many people will have this examination phobia even on normal days. Even though they are well prepared and ready to face the subject, they will have fear and because of that fear sometimes they may not be able to fare as expected in the examinations. Added to that, these days this pandemic is causing additional fear. In the examination hall, many people will be there. They will be coming from different places and we don't whether they are all negative. This fear will add up to our normal fear and the performance of such people may be far less than what they can actually perform.
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    Exam is always a testing time for the students and even those who are meritorious and intelligent feel depressed and worried during that phase. The pandemic has already created many psychological problems in the minds of the people in general and students are no exception. There are so many fears in the mind and everyone is feeling disturbed. Students have to go for practicing Yoga and meditation to come out of this difficult situation as one has to tame the mind in these difficult times and once the mind is under control many problems get resolved.
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