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    Feeling content is more important than seeking more and getting hurt

    In the present situation many of us has learned a very big lesson of life that feeling content with what we have than seeking more and getting disappointed or hurt. By seeing the helplessness and loss of living expectations of others, we are at least got bestowed with get going life and that should give us the contended feeling of living. And there cannot be comparison between the persons as each one of us have been bestowed with the stringent destiny that follows us with good and bad times and we cannot blame anyone. Any comments ?
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    I agree that we should be happy to what we have but we should never be satisfied to what we have achieved so far and if we are satisfied and we have no more interest in gaining more wealth and property and uplifting our level of life our progress will stop. We will no more be willing to muster up some more wealth and a more comfortable life. I think we should keep on trying to earn more and more money by using legal and lawfulmeans of income to give more comfortable life to our family. Practically, nobody appears to be satisfied to what he has, however, who have lost all hope to progress further in their lives, they are observed saying that they are satisfied in their lives and they don't need any money, a new car, new bungalow, more property etc

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    That is true. Feeling happy and satisfied with what we have is always a safe bet. When we are not satisfied with what we have we will have to struggle in our life and we will never have peace of mind. We take all sorts of troubles to see that we will get the desired. But in that process, we may not be able to succeed and we will be left with disappointment only.
    These are very difficult days and many people lost their jobs and struggling to carry on. So people who are able to manage their life normally should be content. If we want to have more, we have to take more and more risks which will cause problems to all of us and subsequently we may not be successful.

    always confident

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    I agree with the author, destiny has decided everyone's life and both good and bad times have been added to it. Still, we are very lucky that perhaps if our destiny has given us troubles, tenacity has given us the courage to face them and such people who can support us. When we can not get from destiny then why blame someone else, destiny has brought many people into our life by making them an instrument and they are only a means. As long as this cycle of blaming continues, we hurt ourselves. When we like the art of being happy even with less, then our standard of living becomes higher.

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    If a person is happy with what he has got and is in a satisfied stage then he is the luckiest person in the world. He may be trying for something more but he will not be disappointed if he fails in that and that is something which is great about him. He very well knows that we would only get what is destined and not anything more than that or not anything less than that. He also knows that if he does not get for what he had tried he will be able to mange with the existing things with him and that enlightenment is something which is unique and distinguishes one person from other.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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