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    What is the status of your family members taking two doses vaccine and your vaccination experiences

    Vaccination is probably is the only way that one can get some protection against this fatal pandemic. In the early period of the vaccination program, people got feared its side effects that spread in social media. But later due to dead threatening second wave, many ran to vaccine centers but no vaccine is available. Now people got aware that everyone has to get a vaccine so that one gets protection from a deadly pandemic. With the little easing of supply of vaccine and especially getting private hospitals, my family of four members got vaccine first dose a few days back in a private hospital. Even though, the vaccine is given free in government health centers in a limited way, where long queues were seen waiting for hours together. Children are above 18 plus and now vaccine doses are getting from private hospitals but in government health centers not yet started. We opted only for a Corporate hospital where we paid Rs.850 for the Covishield dose. Yes, there are side effects like fever, chill, headache, body pains for only one day for all of us and we managed with Paracetamol prescribed for it. After one day we are normal as we are before. What about your experience with vaccination.
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    Some of our family members have taken both the jabs of the vaccine but some are still in the waiting due to various reasons like ill health and other such reasons but they would also go for it soon after consulting the doctor. When these vaccines were introduced then it was mentioned very clearly that their success ratio is 75-80% approximately which clearly means that out of 100 vaccinated people there are some 20-25 people who may not get protection against the virus and may get the infection if they do not take care to avoid it like wearing a mask, washing hands, avoiding crowds etc. The unfortunate part is that we do not know before hand as who are those people who would not be safe even after taking two jabs. In such a condition we can easily deduce that all those who have taken two jabs have to take care and follow the safety precautions.

    Only when a good part of the population, say 70-75% is vaccinated then we can hope that a herd immunity would be generated which can impede the progression of this virus. I think it is the duty of all the citizens to understand this aspect and take care not only for themselves but for others also.

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    Umesh, vaccine definitely provide development of antibodies in the body and will definitely provide protection and atleast it can stop the seriousness from infection. So vaccination definitely keep us little safe than without vaccine. But we must take all safety measures as before for this pandemic even after vaccination.

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    Everyone should vaccinate themselves without any delay. Vaccination is one of the biggest weapons against the virus. After vaccination it is very common to get a fever or other symptoms like headache, body pain, etc. it is natural for all vaccination programs. In my family, many of members got fully vaccinated and some of them are partially vaccinated, our experience was good, I got some fever but only for a day apart from that no on in my family felt any fiver or other symptoms. Still, some of people are waiting for vaccination due to they have some specific choices for it, but this is very wrong. One should not delay knowingly and should vaccinated itself, vaccines are enough sufficient to boost your immunity so do not wait for any specific vaccine of corona.

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    In our house, all people who are above 45 had the vaccine first dose. We had Covishield. Now the time for the next dose is extended to 12 weeks. So we are waiting for the 2nd dose. We also had it in a private corporate hospital and we paid Rs.250/- per dose. My sons and their wives are waiting for their turn. They are not getting slots even in private hospitals. Once they get a slot they will also go for the first dose.
    In AP, we took our parents to the PHC in the village and they also had the first dose of Covishield. None of us has any problem after taking the vaccine. No fever or any other side effects, I experienced a little pain in the left hand for a day after the vaccination and afterwards, there is no problem and none of us used even paracetamol.
    Many of my relatives also had their first dose vaccination and waiting for the second dose. My three sisters and their husbands had the second dose also and they are all maintaining good health and no problems are noticed.

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    Alas! I am residing in my village in Tamilnadu where there is no corona. And no one from my village got vaccinated till date. No one has come to us with any vaccine. No one went out to get vaccinated. I being a senior citizen with diabetics, I am in a dilemma whether to go for vaccine now or later. People say that diabetics should be careful in taking the vaccine. My family members, relatives and friends suggested me not to take vaccine. So I am quiet and quite happy at home following all the other guidelines like wearing of mask, sanitizing hands and maintaining social distance.
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