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    Should politician be natural like a common man or artificial like film stars?

    I really wonder to see our politicians trying to look better with artificial things to look young and beautiful. Is this required? Should our politicians be interested in make ups? Recently, I have seen a top leader with an artificial look. It is very clear that the politician has done something to give a different look.

    Of course there were politicians who had their own style. For e.g Former CM of Tamilnadu, Mr Karunanidhi started wearing dark glasses throughout his life as CM for five terms. No outsider knows how he looks without the glasses. Former CM of Tamilnadu, Mr. MGR was wearing a cap(being bald) and dark glasses during his political career. No outsider knows how he looks with his bald head and without glasses. They maintained it well.

    And I did not see any other politician in India like Dr. M Karunanidhi and Dr. MGR. If there is someone, let us know.
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    In my opinion, politicians need not worry about their appearance. But they should worry about their actions. They should help the poor and deserving. They should keep up their promises given during the elections and they should do their best for the development of the country.
    But glamour has also come into this field due to the inflow of cinema actors into politics. NT Rama Rao a great Telugu actor who later turned into a politician used to wear different dresses. Sometimes he used to dress like Swamy Vivekananda. Sometimes he used to come out with a Khaki dress and sometimes Dhoti. He used to change his make-up from time to time. People used to say he wears these dresses based on the advice from his astrologers. He used to believe astrology and he used to follow them without any deviations. There were rumours those days that he used to dress up like a woman in the nights.

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    Politicians are modern kings, so it is our foolishness to expect they will can live like common people. I have heard a lot ex Chief Minister of Tripura for his simple life. But the author has taken the issue of props or accessories.
    Arvind Kejrival uses muffler during winter. Mamta Bangeri wears slippers, Yogi Adityanath wears peetambar like baba. Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, Lala Bahadur Shastri, N.D. Tiwari Morarji Desai would wear Gandhi-Cap. Dr Rajendra Krishnan would wear turban, V.P. Singh, Farukh Abdullah would wear Special cap.

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    A politician gets name and fame from the people and he must be with the common people, for the common people and work for the common people. Unfortunately during the elections the so called politicians make rounds, go to the fields, work with the voters , go into the huts eat with the common man, go to the eateries, prepare food, go to the house and try to do kitchen chaos. All these seems to be drama and nothing. If the politician really need to work for the welfare of his valuable voters, he would never hesitate to mingle with them even after the winning. No politician ever sincerely work to mitigate the problems of his voters. The petitions taken are not replied nor sent to the concerned authorities. Therefore politicians show attitude of being a film star and show the tantrums as if he is most respected and regarded. The looks of politician does not matter here.
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    Personal attires are generally based on ones individual taste and liking and some people wear certain styles and continue with that and may be it is giving some feeling of an identity so that people can easily distinguish and acknowledge them. These personal styles change from people to people and politicians or leaders also have it in some form. As far as public is concerned, it will give same respect and acknowledgement to them as it would give them when they do not wear a style. We are only interested in their actions for the welfare of the society and development of the country.
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    We should be more natural than being artificial whether it is a common man or a politician even anyone. Why do want to be that we actually not, but in the modern era we find more artificial persons? There is no harm to adopt modernity and adopt new trends as per the time, but some people find it so seriously that they forget about their originality. As far as appearance is concerned, we can not deny it's up to a person's choice if someone wants to apply make-up and other trends we can not count anything wrong by doing so, whether he/she politicians or anyone else but in our country we found many politicians followed a simple style and appearances that is why we are habitual to find them with the same way.

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    It will not matter much what the politician is wearing, they need to do their job seriously to get elected the next time. Their style or attire may win the hearts of a few people initially but if they cannot perform I think it will not be possible for them to remain the representative of the people. When you find a stylish person in the office, invariably the colleagues will call the person by a specific name to match with the style the person maintains. So, if a politician maintains a specific style their colleagues and the common men may refer to that politician by a specific name and that's all. People will remember the politician for their work, seldom they will refer to the style or appearance.

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    I think it should be natural. When he starts pretending to be someone he is not, starts to star, people will sense it, you will see that someone is successful, that something is turning. It scares people away. This is how it should be and how it is ... well, it is different. On the one hand, people do not like being shoved into them, but on the other hand, sometimes I have the impression that when it comes to politicians, this principle does not work. I believe that politics is the worst of all areas of life in our society. Personally, I don't have a penny of confidence in what politicians are saying. It's sad because they rule us, they should take care of us and their country, and the only thing they care about is that their pockets are stuffed with money to the brim

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    I don't think we can decide how they should look. But if you have observed that some leaders read the psychology of the masses and change themselves accordingly and some of them are too smart that they change the thinking of the people as they want to change. They use all internal and external sources to change the whole scenario and successfully give an impact on people.
    Also some people are as smart as their leaders are and this is why they see how their trends come up in media and these sagacious people apprise other people about their realities. The world is big and all types of people exist around us, so check where you have your feet.

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