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    Undoubtedly this world is full of opportunities for everyone.

    We are part of a planet, just as other elements and creatures are part of it, and we are so connected that we have the ability to give each other new opportunities. There is no dearth of opportunities in life, but you should not always seek this opportunity for yourself, but if possible, give some opportunity to others also.

    Maybe you get an opportunity in which you are not interested or you do not even think about that subject, that means maybe someone else deserves that opportunity. In such a situation, you must tell about that opportunity to the person who might have been waiting for it for a long time but is not able to recognize that opportunity.

    Some people are full of jealousy and keep others away from success. But by doing this you will probably end an opportunity in this world forever. With our opportunities, when we help others and help them to find out their opportunities, then we become important elements of the world because now our life is a factor of someone else's success.
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    You need to recognise the opportunities paving the way for success. If we compare the scopes existed in the past, it has grown manifold and so is the case with the population. In case, we come across some opportunities, we should not immediately reject the same but we need to examine its pros and cons before we reject it. The aspirants would be interested to grab the opportunities in case of our non acceptance and we may be deprived of such opportunities having its demand currently. Once we miss the opportunity, it would hardly come to us immediately.

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    There may be many opportunities. But they are not easily available to all. People with a lot of influence may grab those opportunities. People with some reservations and other considerations may get those opportunities. But a person with no influence and no reservation has to suffer a lot for grabbing an opportunity. Even after that, we are not sure we will get an opportunity.
    Yes. I agree with the author that we may have to pass on any opportunity coming to us which we are not utilising to somebody else who is having an interest in that particular field. Sometimes we may not get the opportunities right in front of us. But we have to create an opportunity so that we can use that opportunity.
    We should not feel jealous if somebody else gets an opportunity which we could not get. We don't know what is there in the offing for us. As an individual, it is our duty to search for an opportunity and we should try our best to use that. But ultimately we have to depend on our destiny.

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    Thoughts of the author are good but hardly, somebody helps others, especially, in this proposed matter. This world seems to be selfish. I have a bitter experience in this regard. I think you should not help others if you expect that they should also help you when you are in need. If you help someone he will be highly obliged and thankful to you but after some days he will forget what you did for him in past when he required your help and you stood by him. So, if help someone I don't expect any favour from him in future because I know this world is selfish. Also, I don't have any complaint about anyone.

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    The thing is to utilize the opportunities. When you are getting the opportunity that you looked for you need to utilize it properly. Everyone will not get the opportunities and in such cases, one has to look for various ways and may have to create an opportunity from the ideas the person has. It is desirable that one should inform others about the availability of opportunities so that others can utilize the opportunities but we cannot think everybody will do the same. Those who are self-centred will hardly help others and those who are big-hearted will always try to help others.

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