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    Opinion about online shop 'AddMeCart'

    I am in need of a new JIO modem. When I browsed the net, it is available through the online shop "AddMeCart". It costs Rs. 1700/- Since this is a new shop to me, I wish to know from the members who have experience with this online shopping agency. There is no COD option available.

    How good is this shop "AddMeCart"? Can I trust and pay the money online?
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    I never used this site and not even heard about the same. I enquired with my sons and my brother who uses online shopping frequently. All of them told me that they also never heard about this site or not even used it. These days many online shopping sites are coming with various products. But we don't how genuine they are. Many of the sites may be genuine only. But in between there may be one or two fake sites may also be there. We should be careful. You can search in Google about this site so that you can understand more and you can see the ratings by the users and then you can decide.
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    I think it is not a genuine site. The guys started sending whatsapp messages to place my order which no genuine online shopping site does. Any site that doesn't have COD option can be considered as a fake site to loot the money.
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    Nowadays, we need to be very careful before buying anything from online e-commerce websites. I have never even heard of this website before. After a little online inquiry, it turns out that this may be a fraud website. I would like to say that we should only buy from the official website or the genuine website.

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    The name of the site itself seems to be dubious and not known to many. Since there is no COD we cannot trust new online sites which has no guarantee of their service. Please keep away from such sites which cannot give you service and only night mare after ordering as we cannot have tracking nor have the customer care to express our grievance. There are good oniine sites which are reliable , famous and trustable through which booking can be done and there cannot be any cheating what so ever. This post should be eye opener to all the net users that they should not trust the sites on the face of it.
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    The 'Add Me Cart' guy is pressing me to place my order by offering concessions, and sending repeated e mails to me. If it is a genuine and reputed site why should they run behind me?
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