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    Let us become light ourselves.

    Everyone's journey is in the light of the torches or candles that someone has lit. No turn will start to burn itself out. It is ignited by the power of the fire that someone spreads. Not only the eyesight but the light on the road is also required for a smooth journey. Pilgrimage centers and tourist attractions are formed with the help of proven paths and lighthouses. The journeys of those who preceded it were mostly solitary journeys and opposing journeys. How beautiful and enjoyable are journeys in darkness?

    No one inquires where the lamp is when they are in the light. Lights are irrelevant when there is light all around. When it gets dark, people start searching for a lamp. We, ourselves, must store up the energy to become a bright light, not to console ourselves in the shadow of those who radiate light. Some seek light and those who pass with the light. Those who misunderstand that lighthouses are outside and that light can only come from certain centers cannot be lamps or lights. It is the result of one's deeds to remain bright light after one's death. The quality of each lamp is determined by how long it glows the light brightly.
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    The light shows us the path. When there is a light we can easily find the path. But if there is no light we can't find the path. Many people in this world are living in dark without knowing the value of life and how we can make use of this opportunity given to us. A knowledgeable person can become a light to such people and see that they will come out of the darkness of their thoughts and enjoy the light. On this earth, we have seen or heard about people like Paramahamsa, Vivekananda and many more persons who acted as lights and shown the fellow human beings a path to live with piousness.
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    What the author has been opining about is the inner light and not the real light. The great people of this earth who were Rishis, Munis, and spiritual leaders have no wants and needs. They simply got enlightened with the very meaning of the life and thus started propagating the same. Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi was one of them. Once his mother was waiting for him so that fire wood would be fetched to cook the chapathi for the dinner. But Mararishi does not know anything about the house and how it is run. He simply comes and eat. goes to penance and return. Once his mother asked she wants fire wood. He immediately bend his back and asked mother to make rotis out of his back heat. His mother was thinking he was not feeling well and down with fever. But his inner urge to help has enlightened his thought to bend and the purpose is achieved.
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    Darkness is diffused around us and one who removes this darkness from any part is a historical person. All those scientists who dedicated their lives to remove this darkness and invented electricity were great. I appreciated the great scientists from Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Alva Edison and even today new technology and latest inventions have changed the electric department. Countries like China and Russia have experimented to change night into days.
    But the author has taken this issue metaphorically, I agree with him that all great erudite and spiritual leaders brought people from darkness of ignorance to the light of reasoning. Every person who knows what is right and what is wrong should spread this message among all others. It is a very strange time we are living in where the darkness is being spread by educated people. It wonders me how an educated person can be ignorant. His education and gained knowledge could not remove his ignorance from his mind?

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    Definitely agreeing to the fact that everyone has a inner light that guides the self, as well as others in case of need. This light is the reason people choose a specific decision or path when confused. We ourselves have immense light of guide us, yet we seek other's validation, because of one sole reason, lack of belief. Before believing and trusting other's consciousness we should prefer listening to ours. Rather than this, we tend to seek validation for everything we do. We need a secondary person always to make us feel, we are right. Once we start believing in ourselves, and the light that guides us. we would definitely succeed, may be late but for sure.
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    A very beautiful message has been given by the author, such a message that if a person understands and adopts it in his life, then many problems and sorrows of his life will disappear automatically. Light is dear to everyone and a person often runs away from darkness because darkness makes us feel afraid. When we start to awaken the light within us then at the initial stage we may face some difficulties but as time passes and we get used to it, then we will feel that by igniting ourselves like light, we can Along with travels, they are able to act as guidance for others. Keeping yourself positive, observing all your past mistakes or bad experiences and good moments, light this lamp inside yourself that will always keep you away from darkness and in front of the light. We must keep a strong belief in yourself and your inner power that is directly connected to that super power who actually holding our life.

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    We can become the guiding light to others if we are fully aware of what we are doing. The heart and mind must coordinate during every action so that our thoughts and actions do not differ. In many cases, we see a lack of coordination between what we do and what we say. In such cases, nobody can guide others. Understanding the inner self is really important in this case. Realization on various aspects can make one the guiding light for others.

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    The thread is one with lot of luminescence, but need some more illumination.(Take it as pun and punch). The thread is a mix of philosophical tinge and reality.

    My thoughts were prodded by the very title itself. On reading the title alone I thought the author was going to deal with how we have to become light(less heavy). So I jumped to think that he may be telling about shedding our extra weights of Ego, Greed, etc and thus become light.

    But then I got pleasantly surprised seeing that he deals with the light (lighting and lamps).

    I find that the author is posting some good threads which have good content provoking further thoughts and discussions.
    This thread itself is a brilliant one in its core content and definitely cannot be limited to a single post. It is a gem waiting to be polished and shined to know its real shine.
    My appreciations

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