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    How many theatres are still there in your places?

    For a large part of my life, that is, upto the college days, I used to live in the BHEL township at Tiruchirapalli, as my father was employed in that giant unit. Today, it has grown to even a bigger unit.

    We used to have two theatres nearby. I really do not know if they still exist. In one of the theatres, it was so difficult to get a single ticket for a Hindi film called Sholay. There were mad crowds and there was no internet in those days. Even TV had come to only Mumbai and New Delhi, if I remember correct. Our neighbour got his Bajaj Scooter after a long wait.

    But I remember all the fun. The big group of friends would hang around in the nearby shops for the famous "bajji" after the Marni show was over. Our parents were happy to pack us off, since we were so noisy at home during the summer holidays. I still remember, the "sofa" or "balcony" ticket would cost Rs 2/- and it was just ten pause to reach the nearest bus stop from the theatre.

    Today, I had paid, prior to Corona, Rs 150 for a single ticket in the multiplex in the famous Phenix mill at Velacheri, Chennai. It was of course too good, but I would still miss all the fun as the friends are now in different parts of the world where we hardly get to meet at all. A good number are in Chennai, but that city is also becoming a city of distances.

    Do you still get to see movies in such small town theatres? Where there is a laid back lifestyle, and getting a ticket to watch a movie is still quite easy?
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    Yes sir, being the employee of Bokaro Steel, I had the privilege of visiting different movies of Hindi in the Alpana Talkies having its Balcony fare in 1970 was mere Rs 2.50 having comfortable sitting arrangements and we enjoyed a lot with the visit of this talkies and along with our friends. Later two more theatres came up with the similar comforts having the prices of the tickets of the same nature. Really those were the enjoyable days.
    Now Multiplex has come up with the unimaginable price of Rs 180/- per ticket. Though the old theatres are existing with the revision of the price where the balcony ticket is priced Rs 60/- u still cheaper than the multiplex.

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    I have been theatres when I was a child or in my school days but for a long time, I did not find any theatre in my town. I am a movie lover and before the pandemic, I and my siblings used to watch movies approximately one move in two months but in PVR only. I remember the cost of the theater was quite cheaper than the PVR and where we are paying 200 rupees for a single person, those days we all have bought tickets for all with less than 200. PVRs may have some other facilities but the theatre was also good at their level at that time.

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    I have seen movies in many small theatres in various villages during my childhood. There was a touring talkie in our village. Only one projector was there. We used to have three breaks during the movie. We used to sit on benches and see the movie. In another nearby village, there were two theatres. We used to go to these halls also. I don't remember what was the rate of the ticket. But all the three halls were closed and now there is no cinema hall in those two villages. Villages are developed well and all shops are there and we can get everything including all home appliances in these villages. But no movie halls. Even we used to watch from interval to interval in these villages. I watched movies in cities and multiplexes where I paid Rs.300/- per ticket and watched the movie. However, in the last 15 months, I have not watched any movie in a cinema hall.
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    When I was a small child there was no cinema hall in our town. However, some touring talkies would come for a few months and I would watch while sitting on the ground. After some years a cinema hall was built and the first film shown was Dharam Kanta - starring Rajkumar, Jitendra, Rajesh Khanna etc. I could not get the ticket for 15 days because of too much of a crowd.
    Now, the only cinema hall has been razed, and marriage hall will be built in place of it. Cinema halls are becoming obsolete now.
    I don't watch movies in cinema halls at all. The last movie was Taal of Akshay Khanna and Aishwarya Rai etc I watched it in Delhi in 1999. Since then I have never visited any cinema hall. When I feel like watching movies I browse the internet. Normally, I can not spend two or more hours just watching movies on internet too. I like to watch short movies.

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