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    Why some people always find fault.

    Some people only know how to find faults in every work, every person, behavior, or any matter and if we saw on their specialty, then we find they always keep their focus on any object or person until they found or get any fault. The strange thing is that where there are so many wonderful things in the world and we should live with them, some people get satisfied only after finding the flaws. They do not want to see the good and such people believe that nothing is perfect and they keep searching for its imperfection.
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    Finding fault with others is very easy and many people do that. But before doing that we should correct ourselves and then we can start finding faults with others. But many will never do this.
    There are some people who really wish for our welfare. They always watch us carefully and tell us the faults in us so that we will correct ourselves and progress. That is called constructive criticism. One should welcome this.
    But some people will find faults for the sake of finding the mistakes. They will never tell you about your mistake but go and tell some other person about your mistakes. We should be careful with such persons. If they are intentionally trying to harm us we should not keep silent and we should strongly reply to them so that they will not try again.
    These days many people are biased. They will try to find faults with the people whom they don't like for their own reasons and try to cover the mistakes of some persons whom they like.

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    There may be two reasons for some people who is sure to find faults in everyody as if they have been authorized to do that task. If a person keeping on finding fault with others means. he stressing the fact that there is much scope for improvement and development of life and thus by following the small advise given in the process may be heeded and thus they become happy. The other reason being that the opposite person should feel the need of this person giving free advise and exploring faults that way some people are commanding their supremacy power and proving to be indispensable friend.
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    There is a type of people who exist around us and all the ill and bad traits they have. None of us an alien, so all these traits must be in us too, however, some of us may be whose minds are ingrained with finding faults of others. Is this a good habit? Perhaps not, despite it, they are involved in it. A plethora of any trait is not healthy symptoms of sound mentality. We need to keep a balance in all our traits.
    The habit of finding faults in others is against manners. Such people can't be trusted. Sometimes, I also do it when I am compelled to do so but I am not interested in finding faults in others because I dislike this habit of people and I want to stay away from such people. Sometimes, they may be proven very harmful to someone.
    But our parents or siblings or relatives or friends who care about us if they find fault we should take it positively because they intend to get us improved or rectified.

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    You can say it's their nature to find the faults of others. If you ask these people to correct the mistakes, most of the time they will provide excuses and move away from the scene. Again they will resurface sometime after the job is done to criticize the persons involved in the job. They are pseudo-perfectionists. They find fault and criticize in such a way as if they are the fittest people to carry out the job but will never try the task themselves. They think of impressing others by looking for the mistakes but actually, others try to avoid such persons when they become aware of their nature. When somebody is criticizing our work or finds some faults in it, we also need to have a relook at it unless we are aware of this particular nature of the person to find faults in others.

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